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WoW ClassicAug 12, 2019 2:00 pm CT

How to minimize drama when WoW Classic loot rules return

Blizzard released a WoW Classic Primer for New Players. It’s a good read to get a feel for how WoW Classic will work. One aspect which can cause the most drama in any group — from questing to a dungeon to a raid — is loot.

In the primer, there is a section explaining what loot options are available.

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You’ll want to group up with others to take on powerful foes or complete quests more quickly. While in a party, you’ll get credit for shared kills, so everyone in your group can benefit.

Your party leader will be able to set loot distribution to specific rulesets, including:

Master Loot: The party leader determines who gets the loot.
Round Robin:  Each party member loots in turn.
Group Loot: Party members can roll on powerful items.
Need Before Greed: Only party members who can use the item can roll on it.
Free-for-All: Anyone can loot anything.
Make sure you establish loot rules with your group before getting too far into your adventure. If there’s a specific item you want or need, you’ll want to understand how the group plans to handle distributing that item.

They mention in the section on raids and dungeons that soulbound items can be traded within the group for two hours after the run as long as the person receiving the item was in the group. While these loot rules are straight-forward, they also breed ninjas.

Establish loot rules first

As the excerpt says, it is vitally important to establish loot rules BEFORE you enter a dungeon or raid with people you don’t know. What happens if the Eye of Sulfuras drops? Or a weapon upgrade? Or that often-undergeared slot in Classic, bracers? If this isn’t spelled out when you join, ask. I would also screenshot what you’re told. I would like to believe people will do what they say they will, but my years under this system have shown me loot can lead to greed.

Guilds, if you are looking for extras to fill out dungeon or raiding teams, you can make everyone happy by utilizing “Group Loot” in dungeons. Yes, there will be people who roll on everything. Hunters, meme aside, it’s not funny — don’t.

When you get to raids, designate one person as the Master Looter. I recommend it not be the raid leaders — they have enough to do. Give this task to someone else. And don’t be the guild who recruits in chat for a “fresh MC run” and, when you get people tell them, “all purple loot is reserved.” There is no reason anyone is going to want to run with you otherwise.

classic nefarian

The return of DKP

We can expect the return of Dragon Kill Points and other looting systems. For those who aren’t familiar with old loot systems, you were awarded points based on how many raids or other events you ran with your guild. Many guilds awarded points for contributing to the guild in other ways. You used these points to bit on loot in raids.

Guilds, if you use DKP or another system, it is in your best interest to have the DKP totals visible for everyone. Don’t hide this information. Be absolutely clear about how one accumulates DKP and how it can be used. Players will be watching your accounting.

Establish your loot rules when you establish your guilds. I know there aren’t raids right at the start, but there are great world and dungeon drops and you need to determine how you will handle these. Decide if you’re going to use a DKP system, then set it up, and administer it publicly.

Additionally, if you are going to run a specific dungeon for a specific item and you invite pugs to that run, they need to know — up front — x is reserved. I recommend reserving only one item per dungeon. Why should I joint your group if it appears the only thing I get to roll on is greens? Unless you have a large guild, you’re eventually going to need pugs to do content. Treat them well and they may be available whenever you ask.

All the sparklies

One thing not mentioned in the primer — AOE looting is gone in Classic. All those undead in Stratholme? You will have to click on each body to loot it. And remember, stuff doesn’t stack to 200 — only 20.

If you’re joining a specific dungeon run for a specific piece, ask if you can “Need Before Greed” if it drops. Yes, there will be people needing on everything, but if you’ve asked and someone who can’t use the piece gets on it, you have proof — sorry to say — if you wish to level a complaint. And don’t be “that guy.” You don’t need that wand if you can’t use it. If no one needs an item, then jump in. The rules on outing players in the realm forums have changed. I remember posts and posts on who ninja’d what. Just. Don’t. The pool of players won’t be huge and you could find yourself not invited to anything.

Loot can be a nightmare. Taking time now to decide on loot rules for your guild will make it easier to run content when you need to pug. Players, if you don’t know the loot rules for the group, ask. And be nice to each other. You’re going to need each other to get content done.

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