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Diablo > Discussion > Overwatch 2 > WarcraftAug 21, 2019 8:00 am CT

What kind of film or television series would you want to see from Blizzard?

We’ve heard rumors about a Diablo series for Netflix or some other streaming service since last year, but one thing we haven’t heard yet is anything more than rumors. And even if Blizzard is doing something with the Diablo brand, what would you want it to be? An animated series, a la the Castlevania one? A live-action series a la The Witcher? Or perhaps a movie, introducing people unfamiliar with the setting and milieu to the world of Sanctuary and the malevolent schemes of the Greater Evils, especially the Lord of Terror himself?

But that doesn’t even have to be the property that Blizzard develops — over the years, the amazing work done by Blizzard’s cinematic team has a lot of us convinced that an entirely in-house computer animated Overwatch series could be a huge thing. I know I’d be personally extremely interested to see what the Overwatch setting could do with a more regular format to tell stories, and I can’t imagine I’d be the only one. But besides Diablo and Overwatch, Blizzard has other IPs that could well lend themselves to an episodic format.

I know I personally think that doing Warcraft as a movie instead of as a Game of Thrones style series was a bit of a mistake. You could do a lot more establishing with a continuing series, and I think the world building would be a lot more seamless. The movie was, in my opinion, a lot better than it gets any credit for — but I understand why people were put off by the depth of its backstory, and by using a continuing series to tell its story you could avoid a lot of that.

So what do you think? If Blizzard were to do new projects like this, which property do you want to see? What kind of project should it be? A movie, a limited series, an animated show? Would you rather have a live-action open, ended-show to give them time to establish the setting? What would be the best way for Blizzard to move into this kind of storytelling? And what property would be the best fit?

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