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Discussion > WoW > WoW ClassicAug 23, 2019 8:00 am CT

What songs are on your throwback playlist for WoW Classic?

WoW Classic is bringing back lots of types of nostalgia for lots of different people. Some folks are remembering fondly all the friends they made back then — maybe even trying to reconnect with them! — as well as thinking about the adventures they had together. Others are perhaps remembering all the zones as they appeared in the original form, excited for a chance to revisit them. And still, some are remembering all the less fun aspects of vanilla WoW, ready to watch as players who were never around back then discover the joys of a 10,000-person queue or not being able to share mob tags.

But you know what else people are excited for? Throwback tunes.

Vanilla WoW wasn’t just a time of heavy-metal machinima videos — although it definitely had those in spades — it was also a time of what is likely very memorable music for those who played back in the mid-2000s. In celebration of this fact, some people have begun to recommend songs to listen to ahead of WoW Classic’s release. I admit, I hadn’t thought too hard about this until reading that tweet, but now I’m super interested in both coming up with my own list of songs and hearing all of yours.

At the top of my list would definitely be MUSE’s Absolution album. They’re my favorite band, and it’s back during vanilla that I started listening to them. I can’t listen to “Sing for Absolution” without immediately being taken back to farming herbs in Felwood on my Priest. Similarly, the Sam’s Town album from The Killers brings me back to killing mobs off the coast of Tanaris on my Rogue. There are a couple others — Taking Back Sunday’s Louder Now album, literally anything by Linkin Park, etc. — but those are the big two that come to mind.

How about you, though? Which album, song, or artist is going on your WoW Classic playlist? What memories do you associate with them when you listen? I’d love to (literally) hear your picks, so feel free to share Spotify playlists or YouTube links!

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