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WoW ClassicAug 26, 2019 6:30 pm CT

New realms and updated population caps may change the Classic realm you choose to play on

The list of WoW Classic realms is short compared to the live game, but you still have to decide where your character calls home. Here’s the current list, which includes a number of new realms that have been added to fight overcrowding:

  • Normal: Ashkandi, Atiesh, Azuresong, Mankrik, Myzrael, Old Blanchy, Pagle, Westfall, Windseeker
  • PVP: Anathema, Arcanite Reaper, Benediction, Bigglesworth, Blaumeux, Earthfury, Kirtonos, Faerlina, Fairbanks, Heartseeker, Herod, Incendius, Kromcrush, Kurinnaxx, Netherwind, Rattlegore, Skeram, Smolderweb, Stalagg, Sulfuras, Thalnos, Thunderfury, Whitemane
  • RP: Bloodsail Buccaneers
  • RP-PVP: Deviate Delight, Grobbulus

The server caps for realms appear to have been raised since the game’s launch, so you can find some kiwer population realms with modest login queues. However, the high population realms are still busy, with as many as 30,000 players waiting in the server queue — even more than Blizzard originally predicted.

But beyond server names, how do you choose the right realm for you? As you noticed on the list above, the realms are split up between a few types. You can view what type of realm they are in the realm list. Be sure to check before you invest all your time leveling up in them or else you might regret it.

Pick the right realm type

PVP realms mean that by default you will be flagged for PVP combat with the opposite faction. That means that while you’re running around old Azeroth, you’ll be open for attack at any time. Pick these realms if you want to make exploring the world more engaging. They’re also fun if you plan to run around with your guild mates or friends. RP realms are where role playing is encouraged. There are both RP-only realms and RP PVP realms. And lastly, there’s Normal realms that are your basic server without any automatic PVP flagging — even though you can still fight others  if you both decide to attack.

The second part of choosing a realm is the time zone. Unless you plan to play with certain friends or guilds, you should probably opt to play in your own time zone. It makes the game run more on your schedule, especially if you have a job or school. It also means that the day and night cycle will match your own in real life more accurately — which can be fun to play with.

Don’t forget time zones

At the moment, there are way more Eastern time zone realms than Pacific. If you plan to PVP on servers like Faerlina or Herod, you’ll be operating in the Eastern time zone. RP players that don’t want PVP will only get to play on Bloodsail Buccaneers in the Eastern time zone too.

What about crowds?

The last part of your choice should be based on whether or not popular streamers will be there. The game will have its sharding-like tech at launch, but eventually it’ll move to a static server. You don’t want the realm to be full of players talking in chat about streamers and potentially filling your cities and towns with crowds. This website has a great list of where the streamers will be located at. Many of the most popular streamers look to be going onto Faerlina, the Eastern PVP realm.

Pay attention to realm population

Other than these options, you want to make sure you know what you’re going into with populations. If a realm is full, you can expect huge — really huge — numbers of players in starting zones and cities and possibly even queue times. Expect high or full population realms to experience queue times of an hour or more — sometimes a lot more, as we’ve seen queues go up to four hours. Look for medium population realms if they’re available.

While it’s hard to judge what queue times will be like long-term, the full realms are certain to remain the most crowded.

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