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Discussion > WoW ClassicSep 23, 2019 8:00 am CT

What would a “WoW Classic+” look like to you?

Long sigh.

If you know anything about me, you know I’m quite the purist when it comes to WoW Classic. I’m fine with various content releasing in phases, since that content isn’t anything new, technically speaking. It’s just delayed vanilla content. But when it comes to actual new content of literally any kind, I put up a big ol’ stop sign and say, “Nuh uh. Not in my Classic!” — which is why I’m slightly averse to asking today’s question in the first place.

However, the matter of what people would want more — Burning Crusade servers or “Classic+” — was brought up in chat while I was leveling the other day, and I was surprised at the unanimity of the responses. Pretty much everyone responded that they’ like to see “Classic+,” a version of Classic with new features and additions. What kinds of new features and additions? I have no idea! Outside of one person mentioning us talking to Chromie to basically create an alternate timeline where we stop all the bad things that have happened in modern WoW, there weren’t really specifics.

But that’s where you come in! If Blizzard were to ever add to WoW Classic and make it into a Classic+ experience — which, to be clear, they won’t — what would that look like to you? Would you simply want updated abilities and talents? Would it be strictly QOL changes like adding a Group Finder to the game? Or would you be on the side of Random Chat Guy 1 who wants to see Classic branch off into an entirely new storyline? And if you’re part of that last group, what would you want to have happen, both in terms of the story and the game systems? Would Classic get its own set of expansions, or would all the new content be level-60 content? Sound off below, folks!

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