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Discussion > WoWOct 21, 2019 8:00 am CT

What would you have liked to see added to the Hallow’s End event in WoW?

We haven’t really seen anything new added to the Hallow’s End event in World of Warcraft’s Scarlet Monastery graveyard in a very long time now. It’s basically the same every year — go fight the Headless Horseman, get a shot at a mount and a few other items. I feel like, with Sylvanas’s recent departure from the Horde and the destruction of Lordaeron, there was a fairly significant opportunity to overhaul the entire event this year, and the opportunity was missed.

Over the years we’ve lost Southshore and now Lordaeron itself, and I feel like a Hallow’s End that actually exploited the long conflict between the Forsaken and their living neighbors as well as the history of the Scourge itself — and the revealed history of the Headless Horseman, Sir Thomas Thomson — would be a good move. We’ve had a long time to work on this holiday, and considering we now have Overwatch showing us how to keep adding new things to holidays, I definitely feel like an expansion of this story would be not only warranted but swiftly approaching a necessity.

In particular, Hallow’s End needs way more transmog options — besides the Plate Helm that you can get and the one-handed sword, it’s long past time for entire outfits. And yes, the mount is nice, but we could definitely see a lot more — perhaps more Battle Pets, a series of cool on-use toys, and maybe even an expanded selection of actually useful items to go along with a more fleshed-out story for a character who has started to get long in the tooth.

So I move on to asking you directly — what do you want to see added to the Headless Horseman and Hallow’s End? Perhaps a new Wicker Man outside of Orgrimmar? Another special encounter, this one in the ruins of Lordaeron themselves, dealing with the Horseman now bloated in power with so many more dead souls to draw upon? A full fledged mini-Scourge invasion?

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