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DiabloNov 19, 2019 2:00 pm CT

Who is Andariel, and what role might she play in Diablo 4?

If you played Diablo 2, you may remember Andariel. Along with her brother Duriel, she was one of the twins, two of the Evils that had originally sided with Belial and Azmodan during the revolt in the Burning Hells that became known as the Dark Exile when Diablo, Mephisto and Baal were cast down from their thrones and imprisoned on the plane of Sanctuary. This, however, proved to be part of the three Prime Evils plan for conquering Sanctuary and both Andariel and her brother Duriel ended up serving the Primes, whether to hedge their bets in case the Primes returned to the Hells or out of sincere loyalty is unknown.

Ah, who am I kidding? They’re demon lords. Sincere loyalty isn’t even a concept to them.

Andariel — the Maiden of Anguish and the only female member of the Evils — made her appearance in Diablo 2 at the Citadel of the Sightless Eye, the home of the Sisterhood by the same name. This sisterhood was where the Rogue character from the original Diablo was from, and Andariel corrupted the entire Sisterhood to hold the pass through which The Dark Wanderer (Aiden with Diablo’s soulstone in his head) passed through. As such, she was the first major boss you fought while playing the game.

Apparently she’ll be playing a role in Diablo 4, alongside her brother Duriel. At least, the official Diablo twitter account sure seems to suggest so.

Both Duriel and Andariel were originally just as willing to turn on the Primes as anyone, but when it appeared that the Three would return with Sanctuary in their pocket, Andariel (who as Anguish had always been close with Diablo) convinced Duriel that they should back the ultimate winning side in the conflict between the Evils. This association with Diablo and tendency to back whoever is looking like the best bet to win makes me wonder what Duriel and Andariel are doing in Sanctuary this time around. Have they joined forces with Lilith, seeing her as a path to power on Sanctuary while the other Evils fight it out elsewhere?

Or are they still lapdogs for the Primes, as they were in Diablo 2? This begs the question of what they’re doing in Sanctuary, then. We know that Duriel will be an enemy who we fight in the game, but we don’t know what role Andariel is playing this time around. Her role as Lady of Anguish might make Sanctuary an overwhelmingly tempting target right now, as the world is suffering following Malthael’s attack and the death and destabilization it caused. We know that, to quote the Diablo 4 World and Lore panel at this year’s BlizzCon, while Lilith is the tornado on the doorstep, the Seven Evils are the hurricane off in the distance… it could be that Anguish and Pain are here as Harbingers heralding their return.

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