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Discussion > Overwatch 2Nov 27, 2019 8:00 am CT

What do you want to see to advance the story in Overwatch 2?

I mean, we’ve spent the entirety of Overwatch getting to the point where there is an Overwatch to actually appear in the game named after them. That’s not bad, but for me, now that we’re heading into Overwatch 2 the one thing I really, really want to see is the story to actually advance. Why is Null Sector on the rampage? What’s Talon even doing? What is Sombra playing at? Why did the Omnic Crisis happen in the first place, what’s Viskar up to now, and what are people saying about the return of Overwatch?

There are a lot of things I want to see explored in this really rather amazing setting, from Soldier: 76 and Ana Amari chasing after Reaper to what Sojourn’s role in both Overwatch and in her native Canada is (yay, Canada pride). I think if I had to pick one thing — if I were granted the ability to pick out one story element to see get expanded upon — I would choose Echo. Why does she have the Vishkar symbol on her head? Why was it so important for McCree to rescue her from that train? Why was she even on that train?

Seriously, it’s been years now and it’s time for the story to move forward, and my dearest hope for Overwatch 2 is that it does exactly that. We’ve got the core team assembled, we know who they’re fighting, we know we’re going to watch a whole new conflict between Null Sector and Overwatch while groups like Talon keep running around, and that’s all great. But it’s time for the story to move past origin stories and to get into the meat of things, time for us to get to see exactly why and how it all matters.

Also, man, the part where Genji cuts that robot’s hand in half? Chills, man. I still get them and it’s been almost a month.

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