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Discussion > WoWFeb 4, 2020 8:00 am CT

What makes older content worth running for you?

If you know me, you’re probably not surprised to find transmog keeps World of Warcraft’s older content relevant for me. I’m still deeply invested in Legion raids and dungeons for those pieces and looks I haven’t gotten yet, and I still go back to Warlords from time to time to make efforts for those few pieces that have eluded me. Of course, with Legion not on legacy loot yet, I’m spending a lot of time killing things for no drops, but that’s life.

For other people, there’s Timewalking that seems to be their main way back into older content. Scaling the rewards up and/or the player level down so it’s challenging again is something many people are very interested in taking part in. I’m not a huge fan of Timewalking, but I do know some people really enjoy it.

For others, there are holiday events that give a chance for a rare hat or something along those lines, and for others, old c0ntent isn’t relevant for them and their interests. I don’t blame people for that, nor do I think you should ever be forced to run old dungeons and raids by an arbitrary system that forces all players into them. If Timewalking became the best way to play for loot and rewards, I would absolutely not want to take part in it anymore, but the current system makes it just attractive enough to justify it without making it so attractive that I feel compelled to do it.

Maybe you’re like me and you have that cosmetic look you’re chasing, or maybe you go back for pets or gear during Timewalking, or perhaps you have some other reason I just don’t know about. Which is why the comment section is great, because now you can tell me what you think is the best reason (if you have one) for going back and doing older content in World of Warcraft. And if you think there is no good reason, you can always tell me that, too.

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