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Discussion > WoWFeb 27, 2020 8:00 am CT

What’s the best thing about your favorite class and how would you expand on it?

For me, it is, and it always will be, Titan’s Grip.

From the moment it arrived in World of Warcraft, my affair with the Warrior class went from “Yes, this is a class I very much enjoy” to “No other class will ever satisfy me now that I’ve felt this.” That moment my Warrior pulled the Gorehowl he had in the bank out and put it in my offhand slot next to my Lionheart Executioner and did a Karazhan run (we were a month or so away from Wrath content at the time) was a revelation. Always, before Titan’s Grip I was a tank first and foremost. I’d gone from OT to MT in my original guild, moved guilds, and climbed up from OT to MT in my then current guild, and attracted attention from other guilds because of it. Tanking was what I knew. It was what I considered myself to be good at.

And then came Titan’s Grip, and I never stopped being Fury ever again.

It’s not the best feature in WoW — that’s Tame Beast — but it’s a close second. It makes Warriors feel distinct. DKs and Rogues and Shaman can all dual wield weapons. Paladins and DKs and Shaman and Druids can all wield 2H weapons. But only Warriors can look at that 2H weapon, smile, and pick up a second one. It’s cool, fun, a dose of flavor, and as much as I do miss Single-Minded Fury I would always have lost that before I lost Titan’s Grip.

The only way I can think of to improve TG is to make it work for Arms and Prot in some way, possibly similar to the Arsenal system coming for Barbarians in Diablo 4. Imagine if Warriors had multiple weapon slots that they could switch between on the fly — an Arms Warrior could equip and gain the benefits from a 2H weapon, two 1H weapons, and a 1H weapon and shield. Fury would get two 2H weapons, two 1H weapons, and a 2H weapon and shield, while Prot would get a 2H weapon and shield, a 1H weapon and shield, and a second shield — yes, Titan’s Grip Prot could actually use two shields, which is completely ridiculous but they did it for those robots so now it’s our turn.  That’s just one idea.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your favorite class feature and how would you make it better?

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