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The QueueMar 9, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Time keeps on slippin’

The Bronze Dragons are at it again! Stealing time from us and causing untold mischief across the land. Maybe someday we’ll figure out a way to truly save daylight once and for all, but until then we’ll just have to put up with their chronal shenanigans. At least the time on my microwave is finally correct again.

I’m most glad that all of my raiders showed up for our run tonight. N’zoth wasn’t going to beat himself up.

Let’s Queue!


QftQ: Do we know if they are planning on including an actual chance to run late-expansion dungeons in the new leveling retune? One of the things I miss most as I level new characters through old content is running the dungeons that came later only as heroics, or even just the original release dungeons that you could only run at max level. Heroic Deadmines. Upper Blackrock Spire in Warlords. Cathedral of Eternal Night. Halls of Reflection (I sat in a queue for two hours recently trying to run this one on Specific). I love timewalking, but there are a lot of dungeons that are left out that I miss. 

I’d love the have a definitive answer for you, but sadly details on the upcoming leveling squish are still secret. But I am right there with you on missing out on some of those old dungeons. It’s been ages since I did some of them. There have been issues with damage from a few bosses where they’ll just annihilate unwary groups. But with a complete overhaul coming things should be ok.

I think the dungeons I’m most looking forward to again are Zul’aman and Zul’gurub. I love the remakes they did back in Cataclysm and it’s been so long since I had a character do them while being level appropriate.


Q4tQ: Which is your absolute favorite allied race of all of them vs your favorite regular races and who win in a 2 bosses enter? 

I’d say that my absolute favorites are probably Tauren and Zandalari. My last two mains were Tauren — I love those big beefy cows. I was going to race change my Druid into a Highmountain Tauren to get a sweet pair of Moose Antlers. But when I saw the Dinosaur inspired Druid forms I knew that I had to choose those.

If the two factions went to war I have to give the Zandalari the edge — once again it all comes down to Dinosaurs. All of those living siege weapons really can cause some damage. Remember how tough Thok was in the Siege of Orgrimmar? Or how many times you died to Oondasta?

Good thing that they’re on our side finally.


In BfA they dropped class tier sets in favor of armor sets, something which looks to be continuing in Shadowlands. Are you happy, unhappy, or indifferent about this? 

I really miss the class tiers sets. I understand that they were pretty tough to balance, but I loved seeing all the different looks in raids. Having a set to shoot for also got me to level more characters. I really hope that they make a return down the line.

On the flip side, it has been way easier to complete the entire set when there’s only one per armor class.


Should there be more solutions in WoW rather than just reckless manslaughter of creatures? 

The Violet Hold is right there!

That’s more of a solution for the big bads though. I don’t think it needs to be stuffed full of 15,000 Gnolls and Kobolds. On the whole, I don’t think that the Warcraft gameplay loop is really set up for an Undertale style system where you can choose to befriend things rather than fight them. There’d be too much conflict between other players. You might want to pardon the cute Murloc that you’re fighting, but someone could come along and see that you’re in trouble and kill them for you. Maybe we could get a teleport beacon and whisk things away to a different plane of existence rather than killing them. Or enlist the help of the Bronze Dragonflight and displace them back in time 24 hours.

Leatherworkers might get upset though. Where would they get their materials if everyone is saving the critters?


What WoW class is the equivalent to a freight train? 

It’s a tie between Guardian Druid and Warriors. They’re big, unstoppable, and when they hit you — you’ll know. They also have the ability to charge at their target. Something that feels necessary to call something a freight train. Death Knights were close but they feel too slow to really sell the speed of a freight train.


Q4Cory: what do you think is the most beautiful zone in WoW? 

We had a poll, and The Queue picked Stormsong Valley. Do you agree? 

Stormsong is pretty nice, but is it nicest?

Not to me! I think that Netherstorm is an underappreciated beauty.

I love the deep purple hues, the neon of the mana forges, and the crystal-studded rocks and mountainsides. Then you get into the eco-domes and have the lush forests and flowers. And when you look up you can see space. The Twisting Nether is on full display with nebulae and stars and giant planets.

I’d give Suramar the runner-up spot.


Do I take my alts through Darkshore HC for the random 460 gear or not? Is a quandary. 

Plus side, very good gear for the effort. Negative side, not the most interesting content. 

I say go for it!

I actually like the Heroic Warfronts a bunch. They feel closer to what Warfronts should’ve been from the start. I feel like the time I spend gathering materials and leveling up buildings in the base actually means something. The length of time for the reward also feels appropriate. Getting a guaranteed piece of item level 460 gear for a half-hour is nice. I’ve been putting a podcast on and just chopping down trees until it’s time for the final push.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Space Jam

That’s it for me today! Have a wonderful week and leave lots of questions for Anna tomorrow! Maybe questions about battle pets? I hear she likes those things.

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