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DiscussionMar 31, 2020 8:00 am CT

How would you feel about Blizzard doing its April Fools jokes this year?

Every year, Blizzard treats us with a host of April Fools jokes from across all of its IPs. These range from the infamous fake patch notes in WoW to big-head mode in Heroes of the Storm to a Flappy Bird-inspired Diablo 3 game and more. Personally, they’re something I look forward to every year. The patch notes are my favorite, but there are few jokes that I don’t find amusing.

This year’s a bit different, though. The world feels like it’s falling apart, and each day is another the majority of the world spends in isolation. It’s understandably wearing on everyone, and I’ve seen a lot of sentiment around the Twitterverse that April Fools should be outright canceled. The thinking is that now is really just Not The Time™ for something like April Fools jokes (which at their best are pretty amusing and at their worst are offensive and/or unfunny).

Then again, there’s the counterargument that now is exactly the time for April Fools jokes. People could use a bit of a laugh in the midst of a global pandemic, and not canceling the usual round of April Fools content is a sign that some things are still functioning normally. Much like the anti-April Fools argument, it’s one whose reasoning I can totally understand — a strong case can be made for either view, and it totally depends on the individual.

For my part, I want to see the April Fools jokes go out as normal, though I totally acknowledge there should probably be some adjustments made. For starters, screening them three times over to make sure nothing insensitive got through. I think that one’s a pretty obvious point, though. What I think would be the smartest approach is for Blizzard to simply say, “These are the jokes we were going to post. We’re not going to pretend they’re real this year, but we still wanted to share them if you needed a laugh.” I feel like that would appease a lot of folks on either side of the argument.

But maybe I’m wrong! That’s where you come in. How would you feel about Blizzard doing April Fools jokes this year? Is there a specific way you think they should go about doing them? Sound off below!

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