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Discussion > WoWMay 21, 2020 8:00 am CT

Why would you ever reroll you World of Warcraft main?

I’ve done it a few times, switching my main in World of Warcraft. Before the beginning of Legion, I parked my Draenei Warrior on the Draenor of Warlords of Draenor, called it a retirement, and leveled a new Night Elf Warrior from 1 to 100 in the various Burning Legion invasions that were hitting the world at the time. Man, I have never leveled that fast. I played her entirely through Legion, but the intro to Battle for Azeroth was a bit rough for me as a Night Elf, so I tried to retire her for a Death Knight, but that didn’t end up working too well and so I regretfully un-retired her and went back to being a Warrior again.

Still, the storyline of the expansion was bumming me out, and although I tried playing both my Death Knight and my new Dark Iron Paladin for a while, the fact was I really don’t like those classes as much as I do Warriors. So when I finally got my Lightforged up to 120, it was a pretty easy decision to make him my main instead. That way, I get a break from the Night Elf storyline (which I’m sure I’ll continue when Shadowlands comes out) and I get to keep playing the best class in the game.

This has me thinking about the subject, though — is it hard for other players to switch mains? I mean, some players I know seem to switch mains every expansion, while others are playing the same characters they started on. I ask you, gentle readers, where do you fall on this spectrum? Are you a die-hard loyalist of a class or race? Do you just have too much invested in Sparky the Fire Mage? Or are you an altoholic who doesn’t even have a character you’d consider a main in the first place? Tell us about how you approach the game and your characters.

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