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Discussion > WoWJul 13, 2020 8:00 am CT

How would you feel if Shadowlands ended up being the Light vs. Void expansion?

World of Warcraft Legion was mostly about… well, about the Legion. And then in the final patch there was a heavy theme of Light versus Shadow. Suddenly we were shown that the Light wasn’t totally a good thing when the Prime Naaru, Xe’ra, tried to cleanse Illidan of his fel. His response was to shatter her into pieces. The whole ordeal was a sign that these beings of Light weren’t to be trusted.

And sure, Naaru have shown they are not always allies. Sometimes they transitioned into their Void forms within their cycle. This has made them an enemy, or a raid boss. But Xe’ra was an enemy, and needed to be killed while in a Light part of the Naaru cycle. This was not the only story of the Light as the enemy. Turalyon and the Army of Light were mislead by Xe’ra, purposely not told about the Void and its connection with Naaru. So much so that Turalyon was at odds with his own wife, Alleria, who was made to embody the Void (and then to lead the Void Elves).

This idea continued on into Battle for Azeroth, but not quite in the main story. There was a quest chain, to unlock the Mag’har Orc allied race. This takes the horde player back to AU Draenor, where the Draenei, Yrel, has become the High Exarch of the Lightbound. She and her army are forcibly spreading the Light’s influence. Once again, the Light — and those working with it — are not the good people.

And that brings us to the next expansion. Characters who are strong with the Light are prominent figures. Turalyon is returning in a role of leadership. Calia Menethil, who rose from the dead, not like a Forsaken, but through the use of the Light in a new way, also has a big role. And where are we headed? Shadowlands.

The end of Legion hinted at a Light versus Shadow expansion. This has all the makings of it, with Shadow right in the title. Is this the theme you want? Could the Shadowlands be the good place, and the Light be its true enemy? And if so, what would that mean for the future of Light and Shadow, considering how us players have a way becoming involved and wrecking everything?

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