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WoWAug 25, 2020 6:00 pm CT

What sin could Old Blanchy have committed to become the Sinrunner?

I do not understand how poor Old Blanchy, who once saved a young Thrall from Durnholde Keep, who died nobly defending his home in Westfall against the wicked Defias, could have found herself in Revendreth. This is a horse who deserved heaven, not prison — the noblest of farm horses, who toiled away for his farmers, who found herself ranging from Tarren Mill to Westfall in her long life. What did Blanchy see, in that life? What sins could Blanchy have committed in a single lifetime to doom her to Revendreth?

Well, whatever she did, the Wowhead dataminers have found the Sinrunner’s Reins, and the item that supposedly creates them, the suspiciously named Apples for Blanchy. It seems clear that with the name Sinrunner and that connection to Blanchy that our beloved equine friend has somehow unjustly been banished to either Revendreth or the Maw itself, neither of which would be suitable for her. Since Blanchy died in Cataclysm and the cycle of death and rebirth was functioning at that time, I’d expect Blanchy to go to Ardenweald, but that name Sinrunner definitely sounds more like Revendreth.

With a variety of items datamined for the Sinrunner, there was debate about whether the horse would be a secret, similar to previous expansion mounts such as the Lucid Nightmare. While I have no idea, it does seem like it might be the case — items such as the Crude Sinrunner Carving and Lucky Sinrunner Horseshoe might just be intended as vendor trash since they’re grey quality items, but enough datamined items definitely feel like they’re hinting at a means to find the Sinrunner, feed her some apples (admittedly sinister sounding apples called Dredhollow Apples, perhaps) and manage to finally, at long last, have Blanchy as a mount. But how? Well, as absolutely everyone expected, the Secrets Finding Discord found those secrets, and we now have some idea of how to get this beautiful if terrifying girl into our mount collection.

Apparently it will be similar to the Reins of the Springfur Alpaca on live, but with more items you’ll need to present to Blanchy’s spectral remnant.

The first item you’ll need is the Handful of Oats, which make Fed Oats — you need to go back to Westfall to procure them at the Saldean Farm, but the remaining items all seem available in Revendreth. The Grooming Brush, four Sturdy Horseshoes, the Comfortable Saddle Blanket, Bucket of Clean Water and Dreadhollow Apples are all stages in the interaction, allowing you to win Blanchy’s favor and coaxing the spectral steed to let you ride it. These are all fairly mundane really, the kind of stuff you might do for any horse to make it feel better, but it’s understandable that she might feel the need considering she’s apparently being eaten alive by ghost flies out in the Endmire.

In order to start the interaction with Dead Blanchy, you’ll need to find her running around the northern part of the Endmire in Revendreth, and then you’ll have to run right in front of her trusting her not to trample you with her ghostly feet. Since she is a good horse, she in fact does not trample you, and you can begin the once a day only offering of whatever of those items listed above she happens to want. You’re better off gathering all of them before you start, as you don’t know which she’s going to want, although the suspicion is that she only asks for the Dreadhollow Apples on the last interaction when she finally becomes your mount. Remember, you can only offer her one item a day, which means it will take about six days to get Blanchy on your side.

A terrifying red and black phantasmal mount of raw sin, trapped in a swamp in Revendreth? Blanchy deserved better, and I hope you all find and save her from running around the Endmire being chewed on by phantom insects, because she was an extremely good horse.

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