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WoWOct 1, 2020 2:00 pm CT

Shadowlands introduces plenty of unique mounts sure to please the pickiest of mount collectors

The launch of Shadowlands grows ever closer, and with it comes all kinds of improvements, like a level squish, new zones, and class changes. But the most important thing with any new expansion is the plethora of new mounts that it adds — and Shadowlands delivers! With more than eighty mounts datamined so far with most of their sources confirmed, there are plenty of hellbeasts, creepy crawlies, and moths to increase a player’s collection.

The following are just some of the more unique mounts that will be obtainable in the very near future. Most of these will require some work to get, and won’t be free to everyone, like the forthcoming Wandering Ancient.

Twisting Corridors and the Corridor Creeper

One of the main systems for players to focus on in Shadowlands is Torghast. There are several rewards for progressing through it, and the grand prize is a mount. For completing Layer 8 of the Twisting Corridors of the Tower of the Damned — the “challenge mode” of Torghast — players receive the Corridor Creeper. Resembling the hounds of the Jailer, this is the perfect mount to capture the look and feel of the Maw.

However, this isn’t just about looks! So far, Corridor Creeper is the only mount confirmed to be mountable in the Maw. Spend that extra time completing Torghast to lessen the time needed traveling around that end game content. There are two other mounts that might be mountable in the Maw, but not yet confirmed — Mawsworn Soulhunter which drops from a rare in the Maw, and Sintouched Deathwalker from the Season 1 Mythic Keystone.

Sinful Gladiator’s Soul Eater — PVP Season 1

Why should players PVP? Well, there are many reasons. It opens up more facets of the game, and it can help improve the player’s skill, setting the bar of skill higher. It’s not just about defeating a mechanic of the game, but to be able to push above what other players can do. And now, to earn the Sinful Gladiator’s Soul Eater mount!

To earn this, all that needs to be done is to win 50 games while on the top Gladiator bracket. Easy! Well, maybe not. Fortunately, there are other PVP mounts that can be earned along the way, like spiders. The second spider mount won’t cost two million gold, just time and frustration. The Vicious War Spider — one for Horde and one for Alliance — just requires winning so many Rated Arenas and Battlegrounds, and not at the top of the bracket. And it’s as creepy as one would hope a spider would be.

Wildseed Cradle from Ardenweald

Does Ardenweald have the best mounts? Is this the best mount? Wildseed Cradle is a magic cart, meant to hold wildseeds, the most precious cargo in all Ardenweald. However, player characters are also precious cargo, right?

The mount is account-wide, flying, and comes from Cache of the Moon — a fixed item with a fixed way to find it, not a rare drop, or dependent on randomness. This will take a bit of searching for items throughout Ardenweald, but will either be a fun scavenger hunt, or an easy lookup of the coordinates. Either way, this appears to be the most comfortable mount ever offered.

Voracious Gorger – Mythic dungeon achievements

In the space between the realms of the Shadowlands, creatures exist, and they can come out into the realms looking for sources of anima. And players can mount them, apparently!

This handsome one is a reward for the Glory of the Shadowlands Hero achievement. Mythic dungeons and the related achievements not your thing? Well, there is an alternate color version, Loyal Gorger. This one requires a drop off of a rare in Revendreth, which begins a quest. After that, you’re in for six days of daily quests. If you don’t have a consistent Mythic group that can organize around the achievements, this will be the easier route to go.

Adventure Mounts and the Chittering Animite

A new feature of Shadowlands is Adventures. It’s like the Mission Tables, mixed with some elements of the Auto Battler genre. It’s not just which followers you send on the mission, but placement on the board matters too. There are rewards — which includes mounts — and the mounts include the Chittering Animite.

The mount is account-wide, but the different Covenants may reward different mounts — it’s unclear at this time whether this is the case, or whether it’s the destination of the Adventures themselves. This mount would likely come from the Venthyr. There are four mounts from Adventures, all of them a dark purple version of mounts from the related zones — Darkwarren Hardshell, Highwind Darkmane, and Warstitched Darkhound are the others. Apparently, the Adventures are meant to be dark.

Covenant Features mounts and the Pale Acidmaw

What separates the Covenants apart — besides the ascetics, the story, and the class abilities they receive? The Covenant Features! These are the weekly events that players in each Covenant will take part in. These include the Queen’s Conservatory for the Night Fae, farming the souls that will be reborn. In the Venthyr, it is the Ember Court, and throwing a party to impress the higher-ups. And in the Necrolord Covenant it is Abomination Cake Factory. These can reward prizes, including mounts. These mounts are not restricted by Covenant. This shiny little bug, Pale Acidmaw, is one of the mounts that can be obtained from any of the four Covenant Features.

These can also be found in Ardenweald, and come in other colors. They are available in other names, and from other sources. If silver isn’t the color you want, Spinemaw Gladechewer is a gold version, a drop from a rare. There’s also the Umbral Scythehorn — a black version from an Ardenweald vender with Revered reputation — and the Darkwarren Hardshell is a purple color from Adventures.

Honorable mentions

There are plenty of other mounts not pictured here. Ardenweald’s flying mounts are gorgeous moths. Maldraxxus has Bloodtusks that are demonic boars. Gargons are like stone bears in Revendreth. There’s a new toad mount in Ardenweald, which we featured at the top of this article. The unicorns that were first introduced in Legion have been expanded upon, with several new colorizations and all manner of horns — also they fly now. But this list would not be complete without noting Blanchy’s Reins. The red, ghostly look is unique — even though it is yet another horse — and of course, there is the emotional past of Blanchy.

There are multiple colors of a lot of these mounts to explore, even if you’re not invested in the acquisition methods listed here. There are other mounts that look great, even if they are new versions of previous mounts. The Bastion Winged Lions, Larions, are beautiful but they have been visible since the demo at BlizzCon last year, and probably don’t need to be shown off again. This was just a small highlight.

Each Covenant will provide different mounts along the way, and there are plenty of rares definitely have mounts on their loot table — but it probably won’t drop for you, of course. There’s enough to keep the avid mount collector busy for some time to come in Shadowlands!

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