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Discussion > WoWJan 12, 2021 8:00 am CT

What is the most bizarre Anima Power in Torghast you’ve seen (or heard about)?

Torghast is all about picking up new powers from Anima Cells and using those powers to increasing effect. Killing certain mini-bosses, mobs, or breaking the defenseless pottery will reward you with enhancements to your skills and powers. Some make are more mundane, like flat damage increases or buffs to speed.

And then there are those that come with a drawback. Maybe they increase your damage output but reduce your healing. Or increase damage and healing but lower your movement speed. Sometimes, the text of the spell is so long, I can’t read it all without mousing over.

One run, however, I experienced the strangest ability I’ve seen yet. As a group, we cleared a floor, then we moved onto the next one. That “next floor” was the third floor — the easy floor where you dodge a trap or two, talk to a Broker and buy stuff, then move on. When we entered the floor, however, the entire party died, instantly. 5 lives gone, just like that that.

Turned out, the Mage in the group had chosen Timebreaker’s Paradox. That makes Time Warp last 300% longer, but when it ends, everyone instantly dies. They had assumed that if we left the floor before it expires, we avoided the death. Nope! That instead meant we couldn’t use Time Warp until the last boss. We made it to the final boss with no lives left. We had to kill the boss before Time Warp ended. We did, 50 seconds left on the buff. We looted our Soul Ash and ran out.

Back in the lobby of Torghast, we were all dead. Leaving the instance counted as ending the buff.

That is the most bizarre, strangest — and in my opinion, worst — Anima Power I have come across in Torghast.

What about you? What are the weirdest ones you have come across? Those that just aren’t worth taking? Or so strange they are worth picking up at least once?

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