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Discussion > WoWFeb 4, 2021 8:00 am CT

How should LFR release content? Should it continue to be wing by wing or do we need a different solution?

Sire Denathrius is out, and all of Castle Nathria is finally available to players who primarily raid through LFR — and I find that kind of strange. The Mythic world first race has been over for a while, people have been clearing it on Normal and Heroic for weeks — is there a reason players who are primarily seeing the content through LFR should have to wait this long to get the final boss of the raid tier?

Now, I mostly raid Normal. I haven’t been in LFR for a while, by choice — the last time I ran LFR was over a month ago, and I probably won’t bother with LFR Denathrius. As they say, I do not have a Spirit Beast in this encounter. But I do find the stratification of LFR really weird and sometimes it feels as if it artificially divides up everything about the whole practice in a way that punishes players who can’t make it to a regular raiding group for whatever reason just to preserve the kill for people who can. Does it really matter to people raiding on different difficulty modes if someone kills a boss on LFR before they kill it on Heroic or Normal or Mythic?

I mean, probably it does. The better question is probably if it should matter to them, and furthermore, how we would replace the staggered wings of LFR if we were to choose to do so. Just release the whole raid and let players clear as much as they can? There’s a benefit for queuing up for a nice bite size chunk of three bosses at a time, after all, having wings to LFR isn’t necessarily the problem.

So what do you think? Keep on releasing LFR in staggered wings? Release the whole raid at once? Keep wings, but release them more rapidly? How would you handle the LFR release cycle?

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