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Discussion > Overwatch 2Apr 26, 2021 8:00 am CT

How would you feel if Blizzard revisited Titan?

The story of Titan is one that’s probably pretty familiar to almost everyone in game development — years of work on a game that ultimately didn’t ship. The development time wasn’t wasted, because we got Overwatch out of it, and that’s pretty great. So I’m not unhappy about that, but I do find myself wondering — what would it have been like if Blizzard had actually released that sci-fi shooter MMO that they were working on? Should they give Titan another shot, and if they did, should it be linked to Overwatch or be its own thing?

World of Warcraft has been pretty amazing in terms of longevity, but it’s also a game that released in 2004. Titan would have been an MMO designed by the people that went through the process of creating one of the most successful MMOs of all time, or at the very least designed by people working alongside the team running that MMO. There’s a lot of potential in how that would have worked — what would that team have come up with? What would a game with that kind of frenetic action and furious mix of ranged and melee combat be like?

Also, is it too late? We’ve gotten Overwatch out of it, we’ve seen that development time had an ultimate benefit but it’s also been used already. There may not be anything left to develop, as disappointing as that might be for those of us who would love a sci-fi shooter MMO from Blizzard. Imagine an MMO where every single character that a player makes is a unique version of an Overwatch character, with the kind of customization we saw in games like City of Heroes, allowing you to make your own cool member of Talon or Overwatch or one of the other factions of that game world. That would be pretty cool, in my opinion.

So what do you think? Is Titan something Blizzard should revisit, or should they just be happy they got Overwatch and move on to new projects?

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