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The QueueMay 4, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: And also with you

Is there anything you memorized earlier in your life that no longer remains relevant, but for some reason it has burrowed itself so deeply you cannot forget it, and it sometimes pops out in weird ways?

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we devote the tiny part of our brain that isn’t reciting the Greek alphabet to answering.


Q4tQ: did you know about the “Folklore and Fairy Tales of Azeroth” book, and now that you do, are you going to get it?

We did! It was rolled into our larger 30th Anniversary Collectibles post, because there was a whole lot of stuff that just dropped all at once, and it seemed kind of counterintuitive to make smaller posts for each of them.

It looks really cool in general, but I’m not sure I’ll buy it personally. I like the idea, and I love that they tapped a whole bunch of new authors and new-to-Azeroth authors with mainstream audiences to contribute as well. However, I tend to be allergic to spending money on stuff unless it really, really tickles my fancy, especially since we’re getting into the summertime months where I need to pay for things like swim lessons for my kids so they have something to do so I can write The Queue without someone begging me to play Roblox the whole time.


Q4tQ: I asked this question a few days ago, but I guess it was a little too convoluted and wasn’t picked up. So I’ll try to break it down a little.

I feel the game has become… faster, somehow. By that I mean the group content. Sure, we’ve had “go go go” types ever since LFD was introduced, but m+ has put this behaviour on steroids. Now even if you go run a hc on a fresh 60 alt, the tank will just rush through the dungeon madly.

The reason I mind is that I kinda need the loot (and vault) from m+ because I’m a raider, but I feel it destroys a part of the game I used to love: dungeons with guildies. We used to have fun and spontaneously stop and /dance or emote or pull out toys or whatever halfway through a dungeon. Now, it’s all about the timer although we don’t push high keys, the element is always there and it’s pressure and unfun.

Horrific visions were a horror for me with the timer element. Torghast was introduced without a timer, and then they added those ads that spawn when you’re out of combat for a while. I feel like apart from raiding, there’s no group content left that’s not “on the clock”. And it’s not very conducive to the group element of an MMO.

What d’ya think? Am I just being a grumpy old troll? Probably xD

Not truly, no.

Like you said, there have always been the impatient ‘go go go’ types, and people who insist on doing the weird workarounds where if you just jump on this tiny section of terrain and then run diagonally for a while being careful not to fall and then wallhop this one part you can skip like, two trash pulls. Plus, especially after a couple months of dungeon, even guild groups want to push through ASAP.

There’s always been a timer. Now, there’s just an actual numerical timer. And I get that for some people that makes all the difference psychologically, but in practice, the result is the same.

I feel like a lot of the group camaraderie stuff can also be accomplished out of dungeons, either in raids or casual PVP groups, or even in smaller scale guild events. I actually met my current guild because they were all hanging out together during a fishing daily — they picked a set time one weekend to all fish together (and fish up a few more Bonefish in the process to stock the guild bank).

Plus, even if you’re pushing high keys, there’s always an opportunity to pull out toys and stuff — as long as they’re not actively disruptive, of course. Most of them are a single GCD at max, and if people want to forbid that they’re just grumpy. Who doesn’t want to fight a boss surrounded by Brewmaidens?


Q4TQ: what’s the plural of Kalecgos?

It depends!

For most words ending in -s, you can add an -es and call it good, so Kalegoses. Some words which end in a vowel and then the s, like cactus, are pluralized with an i instead, so it would then be Kalecgi, though usually in this case both the -i and -es variant are considered valid. Also, this usually doesn’t apply to Greek root words, which Kalecgos maybe-sorta-fictionalized could be. In order to form a plural with an -os ending in Greek,  you keep the o and tack on an i, which would be Kalecgoi.

Huh, I guess the Greek alphabet came in handy after all.

The fun part of English is that any of these can and could be valid, so you can really just choose whichever you like! The safest bet is Kalegoses, but you could make a solid case for any of them.

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