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Diablo > Discussion > Overwatch 2 > WoWJul 9, 2021 8:00 am CT

What is your favorite Blizzard cinematic?

Lilith - Diablo 4 Trailer

Please note: This post contains spoilers for the Sanctum of Domination cinematics.

For me, the best Blizzard cinematic to date so far is either the one they showed at BlizzCon 2019 for Diablo 4 or the really amazing Legion introduction, with close seconds going to the in-game cinematic for Garrosh in the Sanctum of Domination (I sincerely love that unrepentant evil jerk) and the one where Tyrande kills Nathanos, which I could seriously just watch on loop all day.

There are, in fact, so many really excellent cinematics — the fate of Sargeras, Tyrael’s Sacrifice, all the Diablo 3 pencil style ones, the Bastion short from Overwatch, the original Wrathgate one with Saurfang Jr. and Bolvar — that it is in fact extremely hard for me to nail down which one is my favorite. I think the Diablo 4 Lilith reveal is still my absolute favorite for how well it established tone and story and gave us a real primal sense of what this game is going to be about, but there are so many I really loved — Garrosh changing history by warning Grom about the blood of Mannoroth and saying Times change to Gul’dan, watching Velen sacrifice himself, Ysera’s death in Legion, there really have been some absolutely amazing bits of storytelling in these cutscenes and pre-rendered moments.

So in the end, that Lilith reveal just barely wins out for me. But what about you guys? Am I forgetting one of your favorites? Do you love all the times they’ve managed to actually put our characters in, like with Legion showing our PC about to get squashed by Aggramar? Is it a travesty I’m not mentioning Genn’s face when the ships start to plummet into Nazjatar? Should the original Black Temple count as a cinematic, it’s certainly shocking and well done, isn’t it? If you’ve got a favorite cinematic in any Blizzard game, let us know.

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