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WoWJul 14, 2021 10:00 am CT

How to earn 10,000 Pet Charms to buy the Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm in patch 9.1

A new battle pet was added in Shadowlands patch 9.1, the Baubleworm, with four varieties to collect. The first three — Turquoise, Topaz, and Ruby Baubleworms — are purchased with gray items. They’re nice, but they don’t compare to best one of all — the Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm. It’s golden, larger than other pets, and puts a buff on you so you leave a rainbow trail when you run. This pet costs 10,000 Polished Pet Charms, making it the most expensive pet charm item to date. All of the previous Shadowlands pets cost a combined total of 5,000 Polished Pet Charms, so this pet will require some serious dedication.

The total cap on battle pets will be removed in patch 9.1, so you no longer need to save charms for the Interdimensional Pet Portal. Even if you had those 1,000 Polished Pet Charms saved up, that’s a long way to go to 10k. How does one get there?

Let’s take a look at all the sources for Polished Pet Charms, and how long it will take to save up.

Rainbow Trails! via Wowhead.

How to earn Polished Pet Charms in Shadowlands

There are two sources for Polished Pet Charms in Shadowlands — World Quests and the Command Table.

There are always four Pet Battle World Quests up each day, one in each of the Covenant’s Zones. However, they don’t always award Polished Pet Charms. Sometimes they reward Training Stones, to increase the level of pets by one, sometimes they award the Marked Flawless Battle-Stone to change the quality of a pet to rare, or sometimes they give you Pet Bandages to heal pets. These World Quests are helpful to complete Callings, or to work towards the Family Exorcist achievement, if you focus on a particular type of pet. The World Quests reward between 15 to 20 charms. Usually two a day offer them as a reward, an average of 34 Polished Pet Charms.

Then there are Adventures on the Command Table. Upgrading the available Adventures — both by leveling up the Champions, and by completing Adventures that say they will award greater rewards — will increase how many Pet Charms come from the Adventure. Lower level Adventures reward 10 to 12, while higher level Adventures reward 25 charms. There is no guarantee you will receive such an Adventure every day.

Between World Quests and the Command Table, you can anywhere between 0 and 105 Polished Pet Charms — on one character. Every alt that you have multiplies how many you can earn in a day. Pet Charms are account-bound, so there is no restriction by server or faction. All alts contribute to the same pool of charms. Also, don’t forget that any alts that are leveling via Threads of Fate will have access to the World Quests.

Battle for Azeroth content is still a solid source for Polished Pet Charms

Zandalar and Kul Tiras, with their three original zones each, have a guaranteed four pet battles per day. Then Mechagon Island and Nazjatar have another pet battle World Quest a day each, for another two quests. Finally, the Assault areas in Uldum and Pandaria also have a daily pet battle World Quest. That’s 8 World Quests each day, and they could each award 15 to 20 Polished Pet Charms. That could be as much as 160 in a day — or as little 0 if they all reward Azerite and War Resources. It varies.

Remember the mission table from BFA? Well, you can do it again, for the low, low cost of 40 War Resources that are just sitting in your Currency Tab, doing nothing, but collecting dust. Again, these won’t show up every day, but when they do, they’re quick currency for just sliding some Champions over. It may take a bit more effort to get there than it did back when your Hearthstone was closer — but using your WoW Companion App is still an option for the Mission Table, too. Tack on another 17 or so charms — with an extra 15 from bonus loot — for the pet battle missions when your followers find success.

This is between 0 and about 190 per day, per character, for any level 50+ character. Don’t worry if they haven’t crossed into the great beyond in Shadowlands content. All of those alts sitting around, not doing anything this expansion, now have something to contribute too. Just six of them, on a really good day, could pull in 1,000 Polished Pet Charms — or none. It depends on how generous the game is on a particular day.

There are some one-time sources of Polished Pet Charms

There are some rares and quests that reward Polished Pet Charms. On your mains, or any characters you did a lot of content with, you probably picked these up by now. But if you have a lot of alts, then some of them might have missed these.

The following are from Battle for Azeroth. Some are quests, some are rares. Each of them reward 10 Polished Pet Charms, and can only reward this once.

The following are all rares in Ardenweald, in Shadowlands. They drop 13 Polished Pet Charms. Guaranteed on the first kill, and only on the first kill.

While this won’t be a lot of extra charms, not even 100 in total, this can add up among a lot of characters, especially if you’re already out there doing pet battle World Quests anyway.

How long will it take?

How many Polished Pet Charms are earned in a day varies widely, dependent on how many World Quests and missions are rewarding this, and how many characters you dedicate to this task. On a really, really good day, if all World Quests rewarded Polished Pet Charms, close to the maximum possible, and both the Shadowlands and BFA missions popped up, a character could earn around 200 charms. That would be 50 perfect days to the Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm if you only have one character.

When a day like this occurs, log in to as many alts as possible and take advantage. Five characters would earn you 1,000 Polished Pet Charms in one day, and so you’d only need to run the full gamut on ten days to reach your goal. Of course, days like that are super rare.

Yes, this is a lot of work for a single pet — a unique pet, a cool pet, but a lot of currency. However, there’s still some time before patch 9.1 launches — slowly build up that hoard of charms on a character with a lot of bag space. Buy the Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm from Keeper Ta’hult, then show off the new shiny pet and your rainbow-trailing buff, as other players whisper you, wondering how you’re able to do it. And then you can let them know they’re in for a whole lot of pet battles.

If showing off isn’t your motivation, but gold is, throw it on the Auction House — the Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm is currently tradeable. There may be those with deep pockets who don’t have time to pet battle, ready to drop millions of gold for the new uniqueness of the Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm. For example, on some servers Courage still sells for a lot of gold, and he’s a lot easier to get.

Originally published 4/26/2021. Updated 7/14/2021.

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