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D&D > Off Topic > Tabletop RPGJul 23, 2021 4:45 pm CT

Blizzard Watch Plays D&D: This weekend, our adventurers will fight a zombie T-Rex in an ancient temple. Tune in Tomorrow to listen live!

Once a month, the Blizzard Watch crew gets together to play D&D, and in our last session we continued our adventure in the world of Otherweald with DM Joe Perez. We’ll be streaming a new game this weekend, and you have plenty of time to catch up on our current story arc beforehand if you want to listen in! We’ll be streaming on July 24 at 2:30pm Central, and we hope you’ll join us live on Twitch.

Not caught up? That’s okay, because this will only be the third story in the current arc. You can listen to the rest on Soundcloud now:

Here’s our party, just in case you need a refresher:

  • Cory: Yordle, a Tortle Druid from the Circle of Spores who just escaped a weird extra-dimensional carnival and is now hanging around with the party for reasons not yet shared.
  • Andrew: Diener, an Air Genasi Warlock (Genie Patron). Diener was created by the Primordials to serve the mortal races. He tries to serve Rahn, mostly against their will.
  • Deb: Mairsy Dotes, a Rock Gnome Wizard with a home-brewed Illusionist Tinker subclass, who’s accompanied by her cute little Smilodon companion cub Toobee.
  • Matt: Mae hi’n llew, a Leonin Fighter (Rune Knight). Mae is a member of a pride named the Stelciwr Cra that patrols the Northern Reaches between Jotunberg and the Hidden Grove.
  • Liz: Rahn, a Changeling Rogue (Phantom) who, until a recent change of heart, served a death cult to the goddess Lilith. Now she’s pals with the priests of Hela.
  • Anne: Quint, the wandering Half-Orc monk (Way of the Astral Self) who accidentally found their way into the Astral Circus. Now they’re following the party because everything is new and interesting.

Want a recap of episode 5 before the show? (Or, if you need to go further back, we have a recap of episode 4.) If you don’t have time to listen, here’s what happened in our last episode:

Last time our group had just finished their day in the desert city of Yramore and was preparing for a trek through the jungles of Saratash. The locale wasn’t quite as alien as the inter-dimensional circus ruled over by a grinning god that they encountered earlier in the campaign, but it certainly wasn’t what the party was used to.

The party wandered around Yramore taking in the sites and sounds of the city, and it wasn’t too long before they realized that it wasn’t so different than back home. Bustling commerce, a strong sense of community, and — with the exception of some possibly cannibalistic Halflings and hairless Elves — it wasn’t so strange. As they walked they noticed some kids playing in the streets, though they scattered soon as the party neared.

Mae decided to stay behind a bit with her lions to try and make friends, and sitting fairly still waited. Soon one of the kids came up to her to see what she was. After a brief back and forth, and a small display of how to hit someone with a Chakram, Mae gifted the little girl an axe. A perfectly normally thing to gift a child, at least in D&D.

In the morning they made their way to where the caravans were getting ready for the day’s voyages, and met the separate and legally distinct Dwarf adventurer Wernear Dragonshelm and his animal companion Bertrand. After their introductions — and some awkward demonstration of fighting prowess — the party and their new friend made their way to the jungle, bypassing the Arcanum barrier that protected it, and heading into the unknown beyond.

As most adventures do, things didn’t go as planned from there. The party found the temple of Lilith where they expected to locate artifact — but instead of being abandoned it full of cultists performing a sacrificial ritual. And, unfortunately, their arrival didn’t go unnoticed.

We’ll be continuing our adventure this weekend, with the next episode streaming on July 24 at 2:30pm Central. When we pick up the tale, the party will have to deal with a massive undead Tyrannosaurus rex, and possibly a temple full of cultists. I hope to see you there!

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