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The QueueJul 29, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I still miss you, girl

This is my bunny Grimalkin. I wrote a Queue about her two years ago. I’m very much missing her today. She was a very, very good bunny.

This is the Queue. It’s been a week, huh? Yeah. Anyway, here’s some questions and answers. I think tomorrow’s Queue — I’m doing that one too — will be about comic books.


Q4tQ: So if Blizzard does get burnt to the ground in court, will this site have to switch gears? Perhaps to a focus on herpetology, so we can call it Lizzard Watch.

Blizzard isn’t going to get ‘burnt to the ground’ — lawsuits like this one exist not to destroy companies, but to force them to redress decisions that adversely and unfairly affect their employees.

Thousands of people work at Blizzard. It’s not good for them all to suddenly be out of work. Just how Riot Games is also being sued by DFEH for pretty much the exact same kind of things, and DFEH isn’t trying to destroy them, either. Destruction of the company would never be the goal — better working conditions and more equitable compensation for work are.

As for the site? We’ll of course try to keep it going as long as we possibly can — we’ve built a community over the years, we enjoy talking about a variety of nerdy topics. I doubt we’d abandon Blizzard and its games unless there literally wasn’t anything left to cover anymore, but we are looking to expand our coverage to other topics. Other MMO’s, other games, RPG’s, and of course weird stuff like dinosaurs and book reviews from me because I’m a strange old fella.

In fact, it would probably be helpful if y’all told us about anything you’d like to see us cover. We’re always curious. My wife is very knowledgeable about reptiles and amphibians so I could probably ask her for tips for Lizard Watch. But she definitely wouldn’t let me misspell the word ‘lizard’ for a joke name.


Has anyone mentioned that Dusty Hill passed away? He was a bass player, perhaps best known for his appearance on King of the Hill.

RJ, he was best known for ZZ Top. I mean, come on. They were enormously successful in the 8o’s, had a string of hits, the idea that he was better known for his cameos on a TV show that the majority of people didn’t watch instead of his near constant presence on MTV back when it launched floors me here.

Yes, I know I’m old. You don’t have to remind me.


QftQ: is it time for Blizzard to revisit the /joke and /flirt voice lines from the player races? Whilst i don’t believe there is anything that overlty problematic or offensive with the majority of them, there is certainly a feel to me that these quips are dated, and in some cases (cf. Fem Panda “jokes” are little more than rants) just not actually funny.

As long as the Human ‘relax, man, you’re two tents’ joke remains intact, I’m fine with revising everything else. I don’t really feel like it’s a priority right this second, mind you. There’s other stuff that needs to be fixed first.


Q4tQ: How do you know when an adorable bunny is happy?

Rabbits actually have a few tells. Rabbit body language isn’t hard to understand once you get used to it — a relaxed and happy rabbit tends to explore an area freely, wiggles its nose a lot, generally has a relaxed body posture and isn’t all wedged up into a corner. A rabbit that scampers away from you but comes back when you stop ‘chasing’ it (not really chasing it, they hate that, just playfully following them around) is a very happy bunny that wants to keep playing with you.

Some rabbits like to run around the people they consider theirs in circles, or will even use their tongues to groom them. A rabbit that is licking you trusts you a great deal and it’s a really good indicator of that rabbit being happy. So is a bunny that grooms itself around you.

Also, a very happy rabbit may get what’s called the zoomies, and even sometimes do a ‘binky‘ which is a kind of hop in the air and body shake.

Essentially, a rabbit that is treating you like another rabbit is happy with you. Rabbits that are avoiding you, growling or grinding their teeth at you, not moving around at all, not wiggling their noses or otherwise treating you like something they’re worried about are unhappy bunnies. Thumping is often a good sign that a rabbit wants you to leave it alone.

Basically, if you’re watching a TV commercial or show with a rabbit, and the rabbit is sitting still with its ears back and not moving? That rabbit wants to murder someone.


QftQue: Is Elune a Blizzard Executive? Because it sure seems like she doesn’t care about her people…

Haha topical jokes because we do have fun here at Blizzard Watch. Also, I feel myself aging into dust with every breath I take.

Anyway, I think Elune simply chose to try and make the best of a bad situation. Her people were dying, and it’s already established that in her Night Warrior aspect Elune is a psychopomp, ushering souls into the next life, so instead of letting their deaths be wasted she tried to usher them into the Shadowlands. Remember, from the perspective of Elune and the Winter Queen, the Shadowlands — especially Ardenweald — is actually a pretty great place to be, and without Ardenweald to serve as the font of rebirth Azeroth itself would eventually wither and die.

The fact that Elune didn’t know about the Jailer’s plan proves that she’s not omniscient or omnipotent. She’s clearly very powerful, but that doesn’t make her infallible. I expect at some point we’ll discover that the Emerald Dream is a plane very much like the Shadowlands, tied to life instead of death, with many separate realms and its own version of Eternal Ones, and the connection between Ardenweald and Elune’s own realm in the Dream would be one of symmetry, with Elune as the Summer to the Winter Queen’s Winter.

But at present, all we know is that Elune heard her sister’s cry, tried to save her, and didn’t know about the Jailer’s plots or the fact that her people were sent to the Maw, thus she blamed herself for what happened. It seemed pretty clear to me that Elune does care, she’s just not all-seeing.

Okay. That’s the Queue. See y’all tomorrow. Take care of each other. One thing I really do believe is that it’s the community that made these games so special, and that’s ours.

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