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The QueueJul 30, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Sunglasses

I said I was going to talk about comic books today. But honestly, I kind of don’t really want to? I mean, if we have any good questions in the Queue about them, sure, but I don’t really have much on my mind right now. Just kind of floating, wishing I could get more sleep.

Oh, I spent like two days just messing around with various looks for my latest V in Cyberpunk 2077, in news that will surprise literally no one ever. Rossi trying to create an exact look for a character? Inconceivable! 


So, we all know about rose colored glasses, where you look back at something and see it as better than it was. Whats the opposite? ( that fits the glasses metaphor ) Where you look back at something and what was good, looks bad, tainted by something, and sickens you? Someone suggested poop ( actually the dirtier word ) goggles.

In English there is no special idiom for what you are describing that I could find. I found a site that claimed in Hebrew, they use the terms pink glasses and black glasses for this, and other languages have similar, but nothing specific in English.

While excrement is certainly unpleasant, it’s also an honest thing — it’s not like what I believe you are subtextually discussing in this question. I, too, find things that I once enjoyed very difficult to enjoy currently when I look back at the suffering endured by the people making them, suffering that they did not have to endure.

At the same time, my positive memories are there, and are real — the friends I made, the moments I shared, the life I’ve gotten to live because of them. My eyesight only exists, as damaged as it is, thanks to this community. So I can’t really feel like the past has been smeared in offal, even though I now know more concrete details of how people were exploited and misused by predators.

Still, the people who made these games, the people who really made them, the people who are making them right now aren’t the predators, or those that turned a blind eye to the predation in order to reap profits. The real makers, weavers, crafters are the people who we saw walk out this week. And I do not wish to abandon them. Whatever meager things I can do to support them, I wish to do.

Just wanted to say that Xenogears was way, way better than any Final Fantasy game ever made, and the first sign we were in the cautionary tale universe that the heroes escape from at the end of the story was when we didn’t get a constant series of Xenogears games.

Yes, I know that Xenosaga and Xenoblade Chronicles are sort of that, but still.


Someone help me, Jonathan Frakes YouTube clips are holding me hostage and I can’t stop laughing.

No, man, if anything I encourage you to watch more of Frakes asking questions, it never gets old. Or heck, here’s a clip of Frakes doing the Riker Maneuver at a con. Yes, this Riker Maneuver. Here he is telling us all that stuff is fake. Or asking you very pointed questions, some about what appears to be a haunted barbeque.

But Matt, we posted all those in the comments!

Watch them again.

I’m glad I’ve never heard anything bad about Jonathan Frakes. It would make me extremely sad.


Hey a quick question…it’ll be old news by now I guess, but I’ve been away from the game and WOW news for quite a while now (and what a week to choose to come back), but can anyone tell me if the questline/rep grind/whatever to get Shadowlands flying requires dungeons or raids?
I know there’s guides out there, but I want to avoid storyline spoilers :)

Putting this one here so people who missed it yesterday can see the answer. As far as I know, the only Covenant campaign that requires a dungeon is the Kyrian, and even that dungeon can be done on normal mode.


Comic book Q4tQ: what was your first comic book? What was the first comic series that got you hooked?

I wasn’t allowed comic books or anything that wasn’t the Bible growing up — my dad had some kind of nervous breakdown and decided he was an Evangelical Catholic, and it took my mom and grandmother a few years to beat it into his head that yes, they were going to give me books. But during that period, they snuck me literally any book I expressed even slight interest in, and that’s how I ended up with a lot of these very weird Pocket Books collections of old comics.

So my first comic was actually a reproduction of More Fun Comics #52, which was the first appearance of The Spectre. It was a really weird comic, where a dead policeman comes back as an all-powerful ghost to wreack havoc on his killers and indeed, all criminals. The Spectre was later revealed to be the fusion of a deceased person who died enraged at the injustice of their murder and the angel who personified the Wrath of God.  The one who killed the firstborn in Egypt in the Bible. Yeah.

So that was my first comic.

Although Aman’s The Great Darkness Saga was a great one to have for a first, let me tell you. One of my all time favorites.


I wouldn’t mind if BW expanded to cover some TTRPG stuff in general. You’re already running the D&D game, so it seems logical.

We actually have been doing that, to some degree — I’ve personally written posts about Call of Cthulhu, and Exalted, and Masks, and even retroclone RPG’s. We’ve done posts about how to decide if D&D isn’t the right game for what you want to do, and we did a post recommending various non-D&D RPG’s for you to try.

But because I love to hype things, I feel I must also point out that we’re doing Tavern Watch this Saturday at 2:30 PM Central time. It’ll be streamed live on our Twitch channel, and it’s gonna be a podcast all about tabletop RPG’s, so if you like that content there will be more of it.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Be good, y’all. Take care of each other.

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