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WoWSep 14, 2021 10:00 am CT

These are the 14 best new characters introduced in Shadowlands

Shadowlands introduced a wide variety of new characters. Since the expansion is divided into very distinct zones, each with its own Covenant sporting a unique theme, it’s no wonder that we got characters of all types, showcasing the best there is to see on all sorts of archetypes and personalities.

So many of them have quickly become fan favorites that it’s hard to even answer the question of which character is the best. So many of them are so very good, but a few are especially charming, for assorted reasons. So here are the best characters introduced to World of Warcraft with the Shadowlands expansion.


She was fantastic for daring to question the way management in Bastion does things, and saying “actually, I could do it better.” That go-getter attitude is very nice to see!

Sure, deciding that Arthas needs to go into the Maw and manipulating Uther into doing it aren’t exactly qualities of a nice person. Devos is not a nice person. But she’s a cool villain! We could use more nuanced villains like her — villains who are doing bad things for what they consider to be good reasons, and might actually convince you of it.

I mean, the Forsworn actually kinda had a point.


He sits on your head while you go out having adventures. And he makes sure you invite all of his friends to the party at the Ember Court! Rury, Awool, and Slanknen! No critter left behind.

Also, he’s a squirrel. He’s someone who decided to spend their afterlife in the shape of a squirrel. I love Choofa.

Kleia and Pelagos

Kleia’s ascension is pretty natural and organic. I can immediately compare it to Yrel’s story during Warlords of Draenor. Yrel was a character that I liked a lot — but, sadly, the middle part of her story, the meat of it, so to speak, was seemingly… missing. She went from her humble beginnings to becoming Exarch pretty dang fast. Kleia, on the other hand, has a lot more time with us, with a slow progression to find her strength and ascend one small step at a time.

And I would be remiss not to mention her pal, Pelagos. Pelagos is great, even if he’s always one step behind Kleia on… everything. He takes it like a good sport. And it’s always nice to see their interactions.

The Primus

Easily my favorite among those who rule the realms of the Shadowlands. At least, he seems to be the one who has the most idea of what’s really going on — which is probably why the Jailer bothered to get him completely out of the way, locking him into Torghast as the Runecarver, while letting the other, far less competent leaders, free to not really threaten him.

Thank the First Ones we got to free the Primus again!

Marileth and Kevin

Kevin is the greatest slime character ever put into WoW, I think we can all easily agree on that.

His master, Marileth, is a very nice evolution of the “crazy apothecary” paradigm. He’s completely deranged, but his heart seems to be in the right place. He’s a powerful necromancer who commands the strongest plagues in existence, but all he truly wants is to find a fancy party hat for Kevin.

We’re his apprentices, he’s our master, and I’m glad we have that partnership going on.

Prince Renathal

I will use him to represent the entire Revendreth storyline, which was easily my favorite during patch 9.0. I didn’t expect the Venthyr storyline to resonate as much with me as it did. Joining Renathal’s rebellion and taking down Sire Denathrius’ ruling aristocratic caste was fantastic.

It’s super refreshing to see that kind of storyline in WoW — a rebellion against tyranny where we’re on the right side, and where we end up winning and then, actually make the whole place better. We could use more victories like that.

It’s nice when our characters act like heroes for a change, instead of deciding that freeing Gul’dan sounds like a really smart move, or that Xal’atath makes a compelling argument with her whispers…

Lady Moonberry

The psychoanalysis section she had in the 9.1 campaign was fantastic. That whole sequence cracked me up.

Other than that, Lady Moonberry represents really well what the Night Fae are all about. Despite being a commanding figure within that Covenant, she still finds it in herself to enjoy some lighthearted pranks; but most important of all, she organizes the plays at the amphitheater in Ardenweald.

The play that happens when you join the Night Fae covenant is really, really good. It was easily one of the highlights of the expansion as a whole, for me. And we all have Lady Moonberry to thank for that.


Love her or hate her, Ve’nari has definitely made an impression on all of us. No one knows what she’s up to. No one knows if they should trust her — on the contrary, no one should trust her. She says so herself.

But despite that fact, Ve’nari seems to be working with us. It’s almost like her betrayal will be sudden, yet inevitable; but for this moment, for this fickle, insignificant moment, our goals align with hers, so we’re cool.

And she seems to know a lot about what’s going on — more than any other character, perhaps. How does she know all she knows? Is she truly working only for herself, or for someone else? Just what’s up with Ve’nari?

The fact that we can ask so many questions, yet remain so intrigued, places her high on the list.


I will protecc Sika with my life. Sika is precious and must be cherished and hugged by all. I love Sika so much, I wanna cry.

Theotar the Mad Duke

This is, in my opinion, the greatest character to come out of the Shadowlands expansion. Much of what I said about Marileth above also applies to Theotar — but he’s a different kind of crazy. Theotar knows what’s going on: staunchly loyal to Renathal, and fully willing to support his rebellion, yet just as concerned about throwing the perfect tea party, or finding the perfect spot to lay about in the shade.

When he’s finally reunited with Renathal, he comments on how good the prince looks with his shirt off. During Winter’s Veil, he wears two hats at the same time.

Theotar is mad, but he’s refined, and his voice and his lines are great. He’s the kind of character that you want to have around you just to see what new shenanigans he’ll pull off next. Theotar is a treasure, and I hope he sticks around for as long as possible.

Honorable mention: Moriaz and Buttons

This one gets me every single time. Who’s cutting onions over here?!

Originally posted 8/23/2021. Updated 9/14/2021.

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