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Transmog > WoWSep 30, 2021 7:00 pm CT

Yes Druids, you should transmog your gear — even if no one else can see it

My fellow Druids, it’s time we had a frank discussion about transmog.

It has come to my attention that some of you aren’t transmogging your gear.  I’ve heard all of the arguments before. I understand that for Balance, Feral, and Guardian we spend almost all of our time playing in specific shapeshift forms. Why should you make sure that your armor looks cohesive when other people will barely see it? To that I ask — how can you possibly hope to perform at your best if you don’t look your best?

I think the best real-world example is wearing a set of fancy underwear or fun socks. It’s something that 99% of other people will never see, but you’ll know that you’re wearing them. Having that extra confidence boost has actually been proven to improve performance in your day-to-day life. I don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t transfer over to your online performance. I know that I play my best when I’ve put extra care and attention into how my characters look.

So, Druids let’s make sure that we’re looking our best going forward.

Take advantage of Druid-only gear

Druids have some of the greatest sets of armor in the game. I know that every class thinks that about their own armor, but for Druids it’s true! In order to realize that you need to look no further than the Druid tier set from Blackrock Foundry — the Living Wood Battlegear. This striking bug-themed set will have your enemies quaking in terror as you stare them down from across the battlefield.

Non-Druids can get their hands on most of the set, but only Druids can use the shoulders in their looks. The shoulders with the animated bug wings really tie the whole set together. They’re so great and stand out so much I use them over the fancy Shadowlands backpieces that I’ve collected. Don’t tell Kael’thas that I put his sinstone in the bank.

Steal a look from other classes

As Druids, we’re part of the best and most prevalent armor class. While Hunters and Shaman only have each other to try and steal looks from, Druids can steal bits and pieces of Rogues, Demon Hunters, and Monks. With so many different classes you can get really creative with your outfits. Maybe you want to play up your animal side — the Rogue Nine-tailed set from Throne of Thunder has fox highlights that you could use to play up your animalistic side. Likewise, the Monk helm from Tomb of Sargeras is a snarling tiger that could be perfect for your next Feral set of gear.

Maybe you just want to reinforce that even though you’re playing a class that can shapeshift into a fuzzy animal, people shouldn’t touch you. In that case, Demon Hunter armor has all sorts of extra blades and spikes on it that give you a “leave me alone” vibe. Pieces from their Tomb of Sargeras sets are great for that — just look at how pointy these gloves are!

Match your gear to your Shapeshifts

When some players get a new mount or tame a new pet, they’ll change their whole transmog to match. Druids can do that too, but we can also match our looks to our combat forms! I’ve spent much of Shadowlands using the Venthyr Covenant armor and the red tint of the Guardian of the Glade hidden artifact form. The red fur and bones of the bear form meshed really well with the overall Venthyr vampire aesthetic.

Or consider the upcoming Fel Werebear skin from the return of the Legion Mage Tower. Something that is that amazing looking really needs you to match the quality. It wouldn’t do for you to be wearing a random clown suit of armor before you shapeshifted into that work of art. I’ve already been playing around with the Hellfire Citadel Druid set the Oathclaw Wargarb to figure out how many pieces of it I want to use for my Fel Bear set. Luckily there’s no end to how many demonic weapons exist, so there are always options to match there.

If I’ve convinced even just one Druid to embrace more transmog in their playstyle then this will have all been worth it. Go out and live your best-dressed life — no matter what form you’re in!

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