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Diablo > Discussion > StarCraft > Video GamesNov 18, 2021 8:00 am CT

When should a franchise end? Should there always be a chance for more?

I am ridiculously happy that there’s a new Mass Effect game coming.

Not only that, I’m super excited for Dragon Age 4, I am giddy at the idea of Horizon Forbidden West, and I’m looking forward to Avowed, the sequel to the Pillars of Eternity games. But at the same time, I find myself wondering — is it always a good idea to do a sequel, or a prequel, or a spin-off just to extend the life of a franchise? A lot of people seemed really hostile to Diablo Immortal when it was announced, and StarCraft 2 didn’t end up as beloved or influential as its predecessor.

I mean, I won’t pretend I’m anything less than tingling at the idea of getting to play Diablo 4. I’m not saying I don’t like sequels or extended franchises and games that give me more of what I liked in previous games. I just wonder, is there a moment when a game series shouldn’t keep going? Some games, like Leisure Suit Larry, are horrible relics of a tedious and awful period in game design and gaming that I’d personally be glad never to see again. Don’t even try and justify Custer’s Revengeeither. Clearly that game doesn’t need any more attempts to make it work, just bury it and put signs up on the site warning people away.

But those are really egregious examples. What about games like Torchlight or Fable, that have had some really good installments and some less good ones? Should they get more chances or should we let them alone and see about newer ideas? I personally loved Fable and thought both Fable 2 and Fable 3 had some good moments, I’m curious to see more. And I unabashedly love Torchlight. But with so many ARPGs out, I have a hard time really feeling like we need more of it.

So what do y’all think? When should a franchise call it quits, or should a game series with potential to be good always be considered up for more?

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