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HearthstoneDec 8, 2021 6:00 pm CT

The decks you need to win Hearthstone’s Brawl Block: Tinyfin Mode! Tavern Brawl

Have you ever wondered how you’d fare if your opponent didn’t have all those expensive Epic and Legendary cards? Well, wonder no more my friend. This week, Blizzard evens the playing field in Hearthstone’s Brawl Block: Tinyfin Mode! Tavern Brawl.

Tavern Brawl basics

  • Name: Brawl Block: Tinyfin Mode!
  • Description: “Construct a deck using ONLY basic, common, and rare cards.”
  • Fun level: 4/10
  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • Replayability: 5/10
  • Format: Wild with restrictions
  • Type: PVP
  • Deck: Constructed
  • Rewards: 1 Year of the Phoenix pack

The restriction of only using the basic, common, and rare cards could have made this a great Brawl for newer players, or those with a smaller collection. However, by making the Brawl use the Wild card collection, it puts those players at a disadvantage over players who acquired their basic, common, and rare cards when the various Wild sets were in Standard.

Update for 12/8/2021: This week the Brawl comes just one day after the new Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion launched. Players who preordered a significant number of packs will have more of the new cards at their disposal than players who build up their collection through the Rewards Track, so there’s a chance that free to play players will struggle with this one.

How to win Brawl Block: Tinyfin Mode! Tavern Brawl

The most important thing you’ll need to win this Brawl is a good deck. In Constructed Brawls, players discover the most powerful lists very quickly. In the case of a repeated Brawl, players will use powerful lists from the last time the Brawl was available. This leads to the Brawl falling into a meta structure like we see on the Ladder.

This Brawl’s ruleset lends to more aggressive and zoo type decks, but many different strategies can win. If you’re struggling to win, I’ve got decks from around the community as well a couple of my own creation. Some of these are from the first time this Brawl debuted in 2019. Half of the challenge comes from building a good deck and the other half from “piloting” your deck — making the right turn-to-turn decisions is key, even if you’re using the best deck available.

I’m sure Demon Hunter will be fantastic for this Brawl, but it’s not a class I particular enjoy playing or have featured here. If you find a great Demon Hunter list, be sure to share it in the comments.

Updates for December 2021

While all of the decks from the March 2021 iteration of this Brawl are still working, since then we’ve had United in Stormwind and Fractured in Alterac Valley expansions added to the game. Today, at least, I haven’t seen players aren’t using many cards from these expansions in their decks, instead using the same old decks that have worked in the past. But I expect as the Brawl week continues, we’ll see some new and exciting creations that abandon known decks for new cards and combos.

One note before we dive in: Reddit user TabulaRasa000 reports an unusual bug with the deck auto-complete feature that you might run into. Right now, it seems to be giving copies of older versions of cards, resulting in multiple cards that act in different ways: “the deck auto-complete tool is giving 4 Lightning Storms and 4 Fire Elementals, 2 are the old versions (LS does 2-3, FE does 3) and 2 are the new buffed versions (LS does 3, FE does 4).” So if you jump in the Brawl and just tell it to auto-complete your deck, you may see some weird behavior.

I’ve only seen one successful brand-new deck so far, and it’s a pretty standard Aggro Druid:

Aggro Druid

This is a version of the current popular Aggro Druid, but without Drek’thar, Oracle of Elune or Composting.


Older, proven decks for winning Tinyfin Mode

Mech Hunter

User Cheese on OutOf.Cards created a Mech Hunter. This is a highly aggressive deck with no card over 3 mana, and plenty of ways to reduce the costs of your mechs even more. Tinyfin? No, but Magnetize can turn a tiny bot into a mechanized terror.

Deck code: AAEBAR8AD4wPlA/cD+APghCXENQRn/UCpfUC4vUCufgCkfsC9v0C1/4CtpwDAA==

Secret Mage

Ben Hearthstone on Twitter says it’s not the most fun deck in the world, but it is effective in getting your pack. You force your opponent into suboptimal plays to deal with your Secrets while abusing the synergy cards like Medivh’s Valet.

Deck code: AAEBAc2xAgTDAYkO17YC+t0DDXG7ApYF7AXJDeu6Aoe9AsHBAo/TAr6kA92pA/SrA8K4AwA=

Honor’s Homegrown Resurrect Priest

Of course I made a Resurrect Priest deck. You can probably improve on this by replacing Entomb and Runaway Blackwing. Basically, use your AOEs to clear the board, drop your big taunts and heal up until you can cast Mass Resurrection.

Deck code: AAEBAZ/HAgrxBdMK+hHHF4WtArTOApeHA5O6A9fOA5TkAwrJBtzBAoKUA5mbA6GhA/KlA5mpA8vNA+LeA/jjAwA=

Egg Rogue

u/corbettgames on Reddit brings this Egg Rogue. Rogue has several Deathrattle synergy cards to get extreme value out of all those eggs.

Deck code: AAEBAaIHAA+0AYwCzQP7BfoNyxarwgLrwgLl0QLR4QK09gLe+gKPlwO9pgP1pwMA

Honor’s Homegrown Bomb Patron Warrior

If I’m not playing Resurrect Priest, I’m probably playing some non-aggressive Warrior. This combines two of my favorite Warrior decks. There’s a bomb package to put pressure on your opponent, enough tools to fill the board with a tavern full of Grim Patrons, and some armor gain to keep you alive.

Deck code: AAEBAYwWBJEG8qgD0q8DitADDRbUBPwE/wfnEfi/AszNArrOArz8ApeUA6S2A6u2A7beAwA=

More Brawl Block: Tinyfin Mode! lists

I love all the great options for this Brawl, and I’ve been having a blast with my Resurrection Priest. If all my taunts can get me through the early stages, the Aggro decks tend to just give up. I’ve forgotten how much fun this kind of deck is since I haven’t found its like in the current meta, though I know enjoying this deck makes me just the worst.

One of these decks should see you through. Keep checking Hearthstone Top Decks, because there are more Tavern Brawl decks being added by the hour. If you find another great list, share it with us in the comments.

Overall, this is an interesting Brawl. With all the aggressive decks, the games can be quick, so if you need to knock some quests, this is a good option. Good luck getting this week’s pack!

Originally published 3/4/2021. Updated 12/8/2021.

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