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WoWDec 14, 2021 2:00 pm CT

The Mage Tower and all of Legion Timewalking will be open two extra weeks, through January 4

If you’re working on the Mage Tower in Shadowlands and you’ve been eyeing the clock, worried you won’t get it done before Legion Timewalking ends, you just got a good deal more time. Because the Mage Tower, and indeed all of Legion Timewalking, has had its end date pushed back two weeks. And there are also a host of tuning changes coming to the Mage Tower fights for specific classes to try and make the encounters more balanced as well, which will hopefully help y’all with your attempts on the fights.

I should make sure to point out that the extension of Legion Timewalking also applies to everything — the Dungeon queue, the Weekly Timewalking quest, and Legion Mythic+ will all remain for the duration. So you now have until January 4 to get all of your various Legion Timewalking done before it enters the rotation with all the others.

If you were looking forward to other Timewalking events scheduled during that time — like the scheduled the Burning Crusade Timewalking — don’t fret. The other events that were on the calendar for the month of December and the first week of January will not be affected by this change.

I feel like this is a pretty fair solution to the tuning problems that have plagued the Mage Tower for a lot of people. The Mage Tower disables things like Conduits, which are a big source of people’s toolkits at the moment and which forces them to have to readjust their strategies without returning the original Artifact abilities that were so fundamental to the strats people originally used to complete these encounters back in Legion. Sure, it means players will be able to double dip on the Timewalking Weekly Quest when Burning Crusade Timewalking goes live, but that seems fixable — either let it happen and let people get more shots at loot (always my favorite choice) or just make it so the quest can be completed in either Legion or Burning Crusade Timewalking.

The Mage Tower is waiting for you, and so is your chance at a book you can fly on! You’ve got until January 4, get out there and poke Highlord Kruul (or whoever, there’s a lot of bosses in there) until he falls over.

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