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Diablo > Discussion > Video Games > WoWFeb 7, 2022 8:00 am CT

How many games do you play at once, and what makes you stop playing a game?

I’m personally the kind of player who finds a game he likes and plays it into the ground, logging in repeatedly to play multiple characters. I was this way even before I got into World of Warcraft, a game I have played almost continuously since 2004 — before that I played Neverwinter Nights for several years (and still do on occasion) and even in our modern age of game passes and access to so many games, I tend to pick a few favorites and just play them over and over again while people stare at me in confusion and ask me why I’m playing Dragon Age 2 yet again, or play Wrath of the Righteous for literal months at a time.

Other folks play a lot more games than I do, and play them for less time overall  — they’ll play Diablo 2 once or twice to get the story, but then move on to Apex Legends or League of Legends and when they get tired of those, pick up something else. I have quite a few friends like that, and they’re quite helpful to me. I wouldn’t have tried Cyberpunk 2077 if not for a friend recommending it, for example. There are so many games out there that I find it quite handy to have friends who play more of them than I do so I can ask their advice.

It’s something I always find interesting, the different ways we approach this hobby and pastime of ours. So now I ask you — are you the kind of player who spends literally hours of your life building towns in Fallout 4, or hunting a specific mount in Breath of the Wild? Do you find yourself playing Skyrim to this day? Or are you the kind of player who treats gaming as a buffet and likes to sample all the varieties, but can’t stand to stick to one too long? Are you more into gaming variety? How many games do you play?

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