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Discussion > Video GamesFeb 21, 2022 8:00 am CT

How do you deal with an embarrassment of riches in your gaming?

So right now I’m playing Horizon Forbidden West, while also dipping into Cyberpunk 2077‘s new 1.5 update/soft reboot which makes the game amazing on consoles, while also preparing for World of Warcraft and the upcoming patch 9.2, while also working on my renegade Shepard playthrough in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, while also…

Well, you get the idea. There are a lot of games, and more coming out, and I’m just one poor mortal man who doesn’t seem to be able to find the time to play all these games while also doing things like sleeping and eating. Even with my insomnia meaning I don’t get much sleep anyway, it’s still a challenge sometimes to make time for all of these games.

I realize this is the weakest of complaints, and it’s not really a complaint — I have lots of real life issues that take precedence over my video gaming. I will always put my family first, for example. Aloy can wait. But I do find myself constantly unsure of which game I should be playing when I do get some time carved out to play. Should I be playing Horizon, which is new to me and requires a lot of attention and focus because I’m still learning the ropes? Or should I get back into  my ME:LE playthrough, and finish up the Omega DLC for my renegade Shepard?

And then there’s that shiny new coat of paint and new features that CDPR put on Cyberpunk. It’s one of my favorite games in years, and it looks fantastic on my Xbox, so maybe I should play that for a while? Get myself a new apartment, tool around Night City and soak in the improved graphics?

But if we’re talking beautiful, Horizon definitely has all that and more. Even on my PS4 — cause I don’t have a genie and thus don’t own a PS5 — it’s fantastic, the world is stunning.

So what about y’all? How do you cope with so many options?

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