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D&D > Off Topic > Tabletop RPG > Tavern WatchMar 23, 2022 6:00 pm CT

Join us Saturday, March 26, as we go back Into The Weirs to face down a minotaur god and his cult alongside a troop of kobold pirates

Every month we run a couple of Tavern Watch Dungeons and Dragons adventures, like Liz Harper’s Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign, or our new Into The Weirs campaign, where Joe Perez and Matthew Rossi (that’s me) run a game set in a unique world of our join creation. Our adventures take place in The Weirs, a small city on the River Danae that’s on the verge of becoming a major mercantile power. The city is a crossroads between powerful nations and serves as a natural nexus between many different lands. As a result, it’s grown into a mixing ground between a wide variety of people, from mountain-dwelling Elves who mine for ore, to local shamans who are wary of the area’s growing industrialization… and our players find themselves tangled up in the middle of it all.

This Saturday, March 26, at 4:30 PM Central, we’ll be streaming our third play session continuing where the party left off last time.

The game stars:

  • Anne Stickney as Kiska, a slightly unsettling drow druid who has left the Underdark in search of the source of recent natural problems.
  • Joe Perez as Delver, a warforged bard from a time long since forgotten with a protective streak that often has him seeing to the needs of his companions.
  • Andrew Powers as Creothaj’sh (Creo), a half-elf bard who recently graduated from university, trained in the bardic traditions of diplomacy, swords, and showmanship.
  • Liz Harper as Israa, a dragonborn ranger who rescued a dragon egg from destruction and is now looking for answers.
  • Matthew Rossi as Repentance’s Opportune Hand, a vengeful, aggressive, and somewhat cold Paladin who defends the group with violence.

Last session, our party traveled to the new house they got as a reward for stopping a Minotaur god from being brought back into the mortal world, and found that the basement was infested with Kobolds who like to dress up in pirate garb and smuggle things through a series of underground rivers that flow into and out of the River Danae. [Ed’s note: Yes, this was a real thing that really happened.] After killing and then befriending the leader of the Kobolds, the party discovered that the Kobolds were being forced to smuggle for an evil cult, who had their children and unhatched eggs and were holding them captive. Being totally into the idea of having their own band of Kobold Pirates, the party descended into the underground and found the cult’s headquarters — and the giant Minotaur statue that revealed that the cult worshiped Dulkarnizen the Two-Horned One, the same god they’d balked in their first session.

We hope you’ll tune in to listen to our next game live on our Twitch channel on Saturday, March 26 at 4:30 PM Central. Can’t make it? You can catch up when we post it as a podcast next week.

Will the party save a bunch of Kobold babies and win the loyalty of their Kobold Pirate parents? Will this weird Minotaur god worshipping cult be finally defeated once and for all? And what about that house, has it been properly inspected, is it up to code, was I merely teasing when I said it might be a giant Mimic? Only time will tell.

It’s totally a Mimic.

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