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D&D > Off Topic > Tabletop RPG > Tavern WatchApr 7, 2022 3:00 pm CT

This Saturday, April 9, our Into the Weirs D&D party will learn what to do with a Deck of Many Things

This weekend’s Blizzard Watch D&D game is going to be a fun time as we dive into session four of our Into The Weirs game. It’s a homebrew campaign created by myself and Joe Perez, in an original world we and the party are creating as we play. Our adventures take place in The Weirs, a small city that’s at a literal and metaphorical crossroads. It’s a trading town that’s on the verge of becoming a major mercantile power, and its location on the River Danae makes it a natural a crossroads between powerful nations. As a result, it’s grown into a mixing ground with a wide variety of people, from mountain-dwelling Elves who mine for ore, to local shamans who are wary of the area’s growing industrialization, to minotaur god cults… and our players find themselves tangled up in the middle of it.

Particularly that minotaur god cult, which they’ve been hunting down. And maybe we’ll find out what the end result will be this Saturday, April 9, at 4:30 PM Central, when we’ll stream our fourth Weirs adventure live on Twitch.

The game stars:

  • Joe Perez as Delver, a warforged bard from a time long since forgotten with a protective streak that often has him seeing to the needs of his companions.
  • Anne Stickney as Kiska, a slightly unsettling drow druid who has left the Underdark in search of the source of recent natural problems.
  • Andrew Powers as Creothaj’sh (Creo), a half-elf bard who recently graduated from university, trained in the bardic traditions of diplomacy, swords, and showmanship.
  • Liz Harper as Israa, a dragonborn ranger who rescued a dragon egg from destruction and is now looking for answers.
  • Matthew Rossi as Repentance’s Opportune Hand, a vengeful, aggressive, and somewhat cold Paladin who defends the group with violence.

Not caught up? You can listen to all of the episodes of Into the Weirs on Soundcloud if you want to hear the madness for yourself.

Rather read a recap? Here’s everything you need to know to understand this week’s episode: In the campaign to date, the party defeated a minotaur god’s cult, and was rewarded with a mansion in the high town of the Weirs… which happened to be infested with Kobold pirates who pretending to be ghosts. The group befriended said Kobolds after kinda-sorta murdering their leader and discovering that the minotaur god’s cult is also forcing these poor Kobolds into a life of pretending to be ghosts by kidnapping their children.

The party did what any good D&D party would do on learning this: they trekked down into the subterranean lands below the city in search of the children, and traveled an enormous underground river to the ziggurat temple of the minotaur god. They fought their way through the temple to rescue the survivors of the cult’s sacrifice rituals, and along the way they found a heap of treasure — over 17,000 gold pieces worth of gold, a Rod of Lordly Might, and an unassuming deck of cards.

A magical deck of cards.

Deck of Many Things.

If you’re a long time D&D player or you’ve watched Critical Role, you know exactly how interesting a Deck of Many Things can be in the wrong hands. Let’s just say that this Saturday’s session could be very, very interesting. Perhaps amazing — the Deck can grant massive wealth, lots of XP, even a permanent stat boost…. or it can banish your soul to another dimension, summon a demon to be your eternal foe, or sic an avatar of Death itself upon you. It’s a toss-up, really.

So again, please join us on Saturday, April 9 at 4:30 PM Central on our Twitch channel to find out what happens. Does Delver draw from the deck? Does the party leap on him to stop him? Do we spend a few minutes potentially rolling up new characters? And what happens to that Rod of Lordly Might which totally got shafted by ending up in the same treasure pile as a freaking Deck of Many Things? Seriously, it’s a +3 weapon that can turn into a battleaxe, any kind of flaming sword you want, a fifty foot pole, a spear, it can drain life energy from someone it hits and heal you with it, and it’s just gonna get forgotten because someone found a messed up Tarot deck. I feel bad for it.

Calling it now, the Rod of Lordly Might is gonna end up the big bad of this campaign.

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