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WoWApr 19, 2022 4:08 pm CT

New draconic-inspired tier armor sets will come with the World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion

Tier sets have only recently returned to World of Warcraft: after nearly two expansions without tier gear, tier sets returned in patch 9.2 in the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid. And it looks like tier sets will continue to be a mainstay in the upcoming Dragonflight expansion, which has already shown off preview images for the Primalist tier sets we’ll get from the expansion’s first raid tier.

And though we only have concept art so far, this tier set has some great looks.

As of this writing, we don’t actually know which sets are for which classes. There’s speculation — okay, I admit it, I am the one doing the speculation — that these tier sets are related to the concept art of the Elemental Drakes we’ll be seeing and potentially teaming up with in the new expansion. I think that’s a really cool idea and I like how the aesthetic of the tier sets reflects their draconic heritage — they remind me a bit of the old Cataclysm Dragon Soul tier sets.

Looking at the sets from right to left, though, I definitely have some ideas. And I’m also shamelessly stealing Cory Taylor and Liz Harper’s ideas, too.

First up, our own Cory Taylor speculates that these three are Rogue, Druid and Shaman. I hate to encourage him but I have to admit I think he’s probably right. I especially think he’s on the money for Druid and Shaman.

Again, Cory went with Monk, Paladin, and Warrior for these sets. I think he’s spot on for the Paladin and Warrior and he’s likely right about that being a Monk. Man, if this keeps up Cory’s going to tell everyone I think he’s right about things and then who knows what will happen. Chaos, anarchy, dogs and cats living together.

Wait, I have a dog and I have cats, it’s already happening!

Cory thinks that very similar set to the Warrior is the new Evoker class set, and I have no real opinion on that one because we’ve just heard of them so I have no idea what besides dragon is their aesthetic. Cory agues for the next three to be Mage, then Warlock, and then Priest.  I definitely agree with his call for Mage and Warlock, but I disagree on the one he thinks is a Priest. I think it might be the Evoker. Liz Harper argues that it’s a Demon Hunter set, based on the very Demon Huntery horns coming out the top and the possibility of a hole in the abs to show off said abs and any sick tattoos said Demon Hunter might have there.

I’m so relieved Cory and I are disagreeing again.

Cory’s votes here are Death Knight, Demon Hunter, and Hunter. Liz believes the middle blue might be Priest instead. I personally think we’re looking at Death Knight, Priest, and Hunter, meaning I guess I’m on team Liz for this round. But this is all speculation — that set I think is a Warrior set could also work for Death Knights, that set that Liz has pegged as a Demon Hunter could theoretically be a Warrior. There’s room for these sets to fit the themes of a lot of different classes.

Still, it’s really cool to see Blizzard return to tier sets after we lost them in Battle for Azeroth and I’m looking forward to finding out which set I’ll be failing to get every week. There’s no word yet about whether we’ll see more tier set bonuses or a system like the Creation Catalyst that lets everyone make their own tier pieces, letting more casual players easily pick up tier sets and letting unlucky raiders fill gaps in their gear. For now, though, we just know we’re getting more tier sets in Dragonflight.

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