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D&D > Off Topic > Tabletop RPGJul 18, 2022 6:45 pm CT

Wonders of the Multiverse D&D Unearthed Arcana adds the robotic Glitchling race and Fate Domain Clerics

D&D’s Unearthed Arcana playtest content has been showing us all sorts of new ideas for Dungeons and Dragons 5e, from the power of primordial giants to the cosmic reaches of the Astral Plane to the world of Krynn, home of the Dragonlance campaign setting. The latest playtest material focuses on the wild and wonderful features of the multiverse, including a new race, a Cleric subclass, background, and feats (including new versions of feats you may have seen in the Giant Options UA), plus several spells based on the Deck of Many Things.

All in all, this collection of content is nuts and cool and interesting — and you can slot it into your home D&D game and take it all for a spin right now. [Ed’s note: I am 100% playing a Glitchling in my next game.] And if you don’t like it, then maybe later on your feedback will lead to a new version of the content here.

That said, let’s take a look at the Wonders of the Multiverse Unearthed Arcana.

New race: Glitchling, a creature of Law (sort of)

The new race is the Glitchling, a living construct born out of the energies of Planar Law. According to Jeremy Crawford it’s akin to a rogue Modron — a being who embodies Law as a cosmic force, a merger of magical energies and mechanical composition. Glitchlings have the following characteristics:

  • Their creature type is Construct
  • Glitchlings are of Medium size
  • They have a walking speed of 30 feet
  • Thanks to a special Armored PlatingGlitchlings have AC 14 plus their Dexterity modifier when not wearing any armor. Glitchling Monks are going to be crazypants.
  • Balance Chaos allows Glitchlings who roll a 9 or lower on an attack roll or a saving throw as having rolled a 10. They can do this a number of times a day equal to their proficiency bonus and get all uses of it back after a long rest.
  • Since they’re Living Constructs they still get the benefit of Cure Wounds, Healing Word, Mass Cure Wounds, Mass Healing Word, and Spare the Dying.
  • They get advantage on Wisdom (Insight) checks and on saving throws made to avoid or get out of being Charmed thanks to their Ordered Mind ability
  • Using their Vestigal Wings, they can gain a flying speed equal to their walking speed until the end of the turn they use this ability on. If they’re still in the air at the end of their movement, they fall. They can use this trait a number of times a day equal to their proficiency bonus and get uses back after a long rest.

Honestly if someone isn’t already making a Glitchling Monk I don’t know what this world is coming to.

New subclass: Fate Domain Clerics cut the skeins of fate’s weave

But speaking of interesting class options, let’s talk about the Fate Domain Cleric. The Fate Domain is basically about screwing with other people’s destinies, pulling on the threads of fate to benefit someone they like or to be a detriment to someone they don’t. Fate Domain Clerics get the following spells:

  • 1st level: Dissonant Whispers and Heroism
  • 3rd level: See Invisibility and Warding Bond
  • 5th level: Beacon of Hope and Clairvoyance
  • 7th level: Death Ward and Divination
  • 9th level: Commune and Geas

Their Domain Features are interesting as well:

Omens and Portents (1st level): Cast Augury without expending a spell slot or needing to have verbal, somatic, or material components. Also, if they cast a divination spell with a chance to give no answer on a random reading, that chance is reduced by 25%.

Ties That Bind (1st level): Fate Domain Clerics can link their fate to someone or something else, although an unwilling target can make a Wisdom saving throw to avoid it. Anything bound to them (and on the same plane of existence) is unable to hide — a Fate Domain Cleric will know what direction it’s in and know what direction it’s moving. Also, when casting healing or damage spells on a bonded target, these Clerics deal 1d6 more healing or damage. This lasts for one hour or until they use the feature again.

Channel Divinity: Strands of Fate (2nd level): As a bonus action,g see the weaving of the tapestry of fate itself for one minute (or until they lose concentration). In this state, when anyone they can see makes an attack roll or an ability check, they can use a reaction to give them advantage or disadvantage on the dice roll, their choice.

Insightful Striking (6th level):  As a bonus action, they can choose a creature you can see within 30 feet and gain an understanding of their defenses. You can choose to roll a d6 and add that to your attack rolls against a target, or you can force someone making a saving throw against a spell you cast to roll a d6 and subtract that roll from their saving throw. This bonus action can be used a number of times a day equal to your proficiency bonus and gain all uses back after a long rest.

Potent Spellcasting (8th level): Fate Domain Clerics can now add their Wisdom modifier to damage they deal with Cleric cantrips. (Note that the UA specifically says Cleric cantrip, so this isn’t just any spell or cantrip you can cast).

Visions of the Future (17th level): Allows Fate Domain Clerics to cast the Foresight spell without expending a spell slot, though the spell’s duration for is only 1 minute.

The Fate Domain Cleric definitely gets some interesting toys to play with and I’m interested to see how it shakes out in playtest.

New backgrounds and feats

In addition, there are several new backgrounds with ties to the various planes; a host of feats that allow characters to be aligned to one of the Outer Planes of the cosmos and draw the powers of good, evil, law, and chaos; revised versions of the Giant feats from the previous UA that are easier to get at lower levels; and feats and spells that are based around playing cards and the infamous Deck of Many Things.

There’s a lot to check out in this UA so head over to the official site and take a look now. And then roll up a Glitchling Monk because man, they’re going to be amazing.

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