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Discussion > WoWSep 22, 2022 8:00 am CT

What type of quest do you hope you never have to see again?

There are aspects of video games we all love, right? Transmogs, mount/pet collection, and achievements all come to mind — World of Warcraft is pretty packed with options. But get into the required content, like quests, and suddenly there are a slew of thoughts, feelings, and reactions coming out of the woodwork. Now prepare yourself — I’m about to express an unpopular opinion but…

If I never saw another feces-cleanup quest it would be too soon. I know they have become a bit of an expectation in each World of Warcraft expansion, but frankly I loathe them. They are the kind of humor that I just never got. Show me a video of a cat knocking things off a table and I’ll get some vicious giggles, but poop jokes don’t cut it.

I was reminded of this delightful experience when I started playing Cult of the Lamb. And yes,  I recognize not every minute will have amazing, involved plot relevancy. But why does it have to be poop?

Said sweeping story arcs are truly my favorites. Think of the Val’sharah main quest line — I still get emotional thinking about the ending, Ysera’s status in Shadowlands notwithstanding. And the Wrathgate was a major nexus point in a plot arcing from Warcraft 3 to the current expansion. Heck, I adore introductory quests — show me through your town and tell me why I should care about it, and I am all in

I’m certainly contented with smaller, helpful quest chains like building up your garrison in Warlords of Draenor. I even enjoy checking in for pet battles on a regular basis — the Wailing Caverns battle pet challenge is pretty darn creative. But I still hold out hope modern Blizzard does away with the poop quests. Or at least changes them into little mud piles.

Now it’s your turn, Watchers! Do fetch quests leave you furious? Does farming just one more zhevra hoof set your teeth grinding? What type of quest would you write out of your favorite video game?

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