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The QueueSep 22, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: #TeamGear all the way

I can’t believe we’re already here again, but it’s SPLATFEST TIME!!!! Or, well, it will be starting tomorrow evening. The question this time? What would you bring with you on a deserted island: Gear, Grub, or Fun?

Naturally, I’m #TeamGear because not only can you use gear to help acquire/make food and fun, it’s also Shiver’s team and Shiver is awesome. So, if you’re so inclined, feel free to tell me what team you’re on this weekend, even if you’re (gasp!) not playing Splatoon 3.

In the meantime, let’s have a Queue, shall we?


Happy fall equinox!

Ayyyy, happy Equinox, everyone! Fall is my favorite season but it’s also one that can last anywhere from 4 days to 4 months here in Michigan. I’ve been leaving the windows open lately because the breeze has been nice — yesterday, I turned the air off to do it because it was in the mid-80s outside and was waiting the A/C. Today, I’ll be turning the heat off (or I guess turning it ON when I close the windows) because 85 turned into 58.

Which is my way of saying it’s very much fall weather here today, and that makes me happy.


Based on my own comment about “mental soundtracks.” Which tv/movie/game quotes have embedded themselves so thoroughly into your consciousness that they have become part of your thought process?

Like … any time things go disastrously wrong for me (which as we know is a daily thing) I can’t help but think of [this Doctor Who scene].

There are definitely a few voicelines that stand out to me. Off the top of my head…

  • FEED ME WITH YOUR ANGER! – Sha of Anger
  • LOST THE LEAD/GAINED THE LEAD – Halo announcer
  • Basically any line from Futurama
  • At least half of I Think You Should Leave
  • uNdERstAnD – Ghost Adventures opening (if anyone actually gets this, I’ll be so proud)

And a whole lot more. It’s to the point where they’ve actually embedded themselves so well, I’ll make these references or hear these lines in my head without really giving a second thought as to what I’m actually referencing.


A thought popped into my head this morning: I wonder how the talent revamp is going to impact the Legion Mage Tower? Think Blizz will do a balance pass, or given their history do you imagine some classes be able to breeze through it, while others find it impossible?

I’m still salty over the fact that a bug I reported and complained about (repeatedly) during Legion still exists in the Shadowlands iteration of the Mage Tower. Until years-old bugs that literally change how I approach an encounter gets fixed, I don’t really have much faith that Blizz will ever truly balance the Mage Tower around current content.

Will they update it? Most likely, yes! Will it be enough?…

See above.


Have you ever done something in-game that didn’t have a reward, just to do it? Like, the other day I finished out the Jailers Gauntlet. There’s no title, no mount, just achievement points. But I did it cos it was fun. Usually, though, I’m motivated by a carrot. I haven’t gone past 2050 IO because I know I’m not good enough to get portals and there’s no benefit from running 16+.

This was very much exploration for me back in the day — and to a degree, still is. There’s something fun about getting super immersed in a game world and then… breaking it. (If you want to go full RP with it, you can also just pretend you’ve discovered reality is a simulation and you’re trying to break free, but when you get teleported out or disconnected or something, that’s the gods taking notice.)

In any case, exploration and “breaking” games is my favorite thing to do. My friend recently joked that QA was basically just “Mitch proofing” and it’s honestly not too far off. The kind of stuff I do for fun on my own time would be exactly* the stuff QA would look out for and try to fix before things go live.

In vanilla, this meant wall-walking; more recently, I spent a good portion of the Legion beta using Demon Hunter jumps to get to places I shouldn’t, like jumping over Zul’Gurub’s entrance to see the Karazhan smilie face. I love this stuff, and I’ll do it in more than just WoW (see also: Aloy taking on the grace and fury of a feral salmon).

So yeah. Exploration. Breaking things. Doing what I shouldn’t be doing.

*Among many other things they’re more qualified to look for than I am.


Q4tQ: Have you read already the new short story “Visage Day”, posted on the WoW site? What are your thoughts on it? Does it address well its intentions?

So, fun story: For months, I had the Overwatch Baptiste short story in my browser tabs so I wouldn’t forget to read it “when I had a second.” At some point, Ashe’s Deadlock Gang story also joined it — for those keeping track at home, they released like two years apart — and they both sat in tabs, waiting to be remembered.

Sometime semi-recently, I closed the tabs and admitted to myself that it was okay if I forgot about them and/or picked them up randomly for fun way down the line. Sometimes, things don’t happen and it’s okay if you’re okay with that.

Anyhow, I haven’t read Visage Day, but I’m opening it in a tab right now so I don’t forget to read it ASAP!


Q4TQ: Do you remember, the 21st night?

Yes, actually! Because I went bowling.

I did okay.

Have a good one, y’all! Be sure to leave lots of questions for tomorrow’s writer but definitely also be sure to argue over Splatfest choices. Until next time!

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