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DiscussionOct 10, 2022 8:00 am CT

When do you rework your weekend gaming goals?

It’s 2 in the morning as I start writing, and I have work in 9 hours. I’d love to know where the weekend went, because I definitely didn’t spend it on errands or chores, much less gaming. But the approach of my favorite holiday (Halloween) reminds me that other holidays are approaching, with their associated season of re-tuning my gaming expectations. What’s a gamer gotta do to enjoy some free time?

If you catch the weekly What aRe yoU Playing (WRUP), you’ll have spotted weekend plans from various folks on the Blizzard Watch staff, myself included. I am here to tell you I got to exactly none of it; instead, I got sick kitty and a Saturday migraine. Fear not — both Jack and I are on the mend. Am I bummed? Sure, but I have a lot of practice re-tuning my expectations.

Sometimes, this is the reality of adulting — life comes up, and you roll with it. While I’d love to tell you that everything after age 18 is all ice cream for breakfast and 24-hour gaming, that’s just not the case. Instead, you embrace  upsettingly healthy things for breakfast — did you know people add kale to omelets?! — and responsible bedtimes. The successful adulting enables the fun stuff (yes, even the kale).

Adult life is rolling with what is thrown at you, and hopefully rolling in such a way that you still get to enjoy said life. Re-tune based on where you are in life. If you work two jobs, fit in a puzzle game on a break. Have a long commute? Download a podcast — did you know we have three shows you can choose from? Bring the fun into the time you have available; it is way more enjoyable than wondering where your weekend went.

Now it’s your turn, Watcher — how do you adjust when it seems like your free time vanishes? Share in the comments below, and have a wonderful Monday.

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