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WoWNov 30, 2022 5:00 pm CT

Dragons, Tuskarr, Centaur, and more! Here’s what you need to know about the four Major Factions of Dragonflight

As our characters navigate the Dragon Isles in the new World of Warcraft expansion Dragonflight, they’ll encounter four Major Factions to earn reputation with — and rake in rewards along the way. The  system mimics the Renown system from Shadowlands, but with a bit of an overhaul. After unlocking each reputation through quests, you’ll earn a level of Renown every 2500 reputation, but unlike with the Covenants you’ll be able to work on all four simultaneously, and there’s no requirement to “champion” any of them.

Because the four factions don’t require underlying balance like the Covenants did, it’s given the development team more flexibility to add the faction’s personality into the Renown system. Rewards are tailored for the faction, and while there are a couple item upgrades that can be unlocked via the Renown system there’s no concern about min-maxing which faction you focus on first.

As you meet each faction during the leveling experience you’ll begin to gain reputation and Renown with them right away — it’s not locked behind max level as Shadowlands was when first released. While you won’t progress too far, you can reach Renown 3 or 4 on most of the factions just by doing the main storyline giving you a head start on building up Renown when you get to max level.

All in all, the system seems to maintain the benefits of Renown from Shadowlands, while eliminating the frustrations. Let’s cover the four factions and the types of rewards you can get from each.

Dragonscale Expedition

The first of the Major Factions you’ll encounter is the Dragonscale Expedition, a cross-faction union of the Explorer’s League and the Reliquary. A player can earn up to Renown 25 with the Dragonscale Expedition, and as can be expected based on their origins they’re big on exploring the Dragon Isles, with appropriate challenges such as treasure hunts and rock-climbing world quests. Earning Renown with them will also unlock a series of Ancient Waygates (accountwide!) around the Isles allowing for faster travel.

The rewards are exploration-oriented, with weapon transmogs that resemble mining picks, shovels, and archaeology brushes. One of the first benefits you unlock are Expedition Scout’s Pack, smaller treasures scattered all over the Dragon Isles that contain Dragon Isles Artifacts (used to get more reputation with the faction), potions, crafting mats, and even some draconic cosmetic weapons. At max Renown you’ll received the title “Intrepid Explorer” as well as the first of three Skitterfly mounts you can collect upon reaching 25.

Valdrakken Accord

The Valdrakken Accord is the fancy name of the five Dragonflights‘ faction in the expansion, and though you first encounter them in the Waking Shores, their main center of activity is in Thaldraszus and its capital city of Valdrakken. Their Renown level goes up to 30, and most of their associated activities are based on reclaiming and defending their homeland. In addition, you get to be part of the biggest draconic political matchup since the Tarecgosa legendary acquisition quest chain: Wrathion vs Sabellian for leadership of the Black Dragonflight (why Ebyssian is not a part of the fun has not been revealed yet).

Most of the rewards available from the Valdrakken Accord are dragon-inspired transmog as can be expected, but there are also some cooking and gardening “weapon” appearances as well. You won’t get any mounts — although you can purchase customizations for your Dragonriding mount — but there are a couple proto-whelp pets you can get. At maximum Renown you’ll get the “Ally of Dragons” title to add to your collection.

Maruuk Centaur

The Ohn’ahran Plains are the home of the Maruuk Centaur, a confederation of centaur tribes who you’ll team up with to stop a rogue tribe as well as assist the Green Dragonflight in defending their home. Renown caps out at 25 for the Maruuk, and you’ll be able to join the Grand Hunt to build up your reputation as well as unlock access to a Dragon Isles mail system at Renown 14.

Transmog unlocked via Renown is decidedly steppe nomad tribe in appearance to match that of the centaurs, and the weapons have a charmingly rustic appearance. There is a thunderspine mount quest chain that is made available at Renown 9, but otherwise there’s just one pet that can be purchased from the Maruuk. There are a lot of profession recipes in this Renown track, so players not interested in the faction activities may want to participate anyway in order to unlock them. At Renown 25 you’ll receive the title “Khansguard.”

Iskaara Tuskarr

The final Major Faction that players will encounter while leveling in the Azure Span are the Iskaara Tuskarr. Cousins to the Kalu’ak in Northrend, the Iskaara are the faction you want to be friends with if you’re into fishing as a lot of their faction benefits center around that activity — with some eating thrown in as well. There are 30 levels of Renown you can earn with the Iskaara.

Like the other factions the main reward from the Renown is transmog. Weapons and armor reflect their polar habitations, with stocking caps available as well as shoulder armor laced with bones. There are a large number of backpack appearances available to unlock, including some gnoll-themed ones. Four Ottuk mounts are obtainable via the Renown track, with two becoming purchasable at 25 and the other two at 30. Also at maximum Renown is the title “of Iskaara,” which definitely hints towards playable Tuskarr in the future which demonstrates your support of our new Tuskarr allies.

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