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Discussion > WoWDec 7, 2022 8:00 am CT

How often should World Quests reset?

Sometimes you can blink and miss something pretty important. For example, World Quests in World of Warcraft; Dragonflight were going to be switched from a semi-weekly reset to a daily reset in order to give more players things to do every day. This would have gone live in a hotfix during the December 5 weekly maintenance, but now it’s off.

The stated reason is that the WoW devs want Weekly Quests to feel like something you absolutely have to log in and do every day — they want them to be a viable way for players to feel like they’re fun and rewarding, something you can do, not something you have to do. A lot of feedback seems to have indicated that for at least some players, the current system feels better and they didn’t like the change (though many of this feedback was a result of wanting easier rep grinds, which are kind of their own issue).

I’ll admit, I had no idea that Blizz was even considering this change and if it had actually happened, it I probably would have been all for it. I really liked the way World Quests worked in Battle for Azeroth, usually logging on at least four characters on any given day to run specific WQs with gear rewards whenever they would come up. But I get why it’s a hassle for some players who end up feeling like they have to turn WoW into a second job to keep up.

Maybe if Blizzard wants WQs to feel more worthwhile they should make it so they have a variety of rewards? Maybe instead of hunting the map for the WQ that rewards rep, or an item to boost ilevel, or what have you we could instead get WQs with more than one potential option you could choose from? Just a thought.

Anyway, do you guys think semi-weekly is fine for WQ resets? Or would you have rather had them reset daily? How often would you prefer World Quests reset?

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