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HearthstoneFeb 28, 2023 1:00 pm CT

9 heroes you should always choose in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds has dozens of different heroes at this point — and with so many of them, some are bound to be better choices than others. But what constitutes “better” isn’t necessarily just power — sometimes a hero is good but hard to use, and you’re better off picking something else that’s easier to use but still solid enough to secure a win. Other times, you’re just playing to have fun — winning is very nice, sure, but having a good time is why you even spend your free time playing games, isn’t it? We made sure to include some heroes on this list that are just fun to play as well — but still good enough to win, of course, because that’s part of the fun too.

So read on to find nine heroes that you should always take in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, no matter what type of player you are.

Pick these heroes because they’re good: Galewing, Cookie the Cook, Trade Prince Gallywix

These are the heroes you should pick if you want to win it all — and you’re willing to try hard to do so.

Galewing is one of the top performing heroes in the game since his recent rework. The usual strategy is to pick the Eastern Plaguelands flightpath — the one that says “in 3 turns, Discover a minion of your Tavern Tier” — whenever you can. Some players will even level aggressively to tavern tier 3 on turn 3 so that they can get an early benefit from it — a tier 3 minion on turn 3. Whenever you’re not allowed to pick Eastern Plaguelands, your best bet is Ironforge for the 2 gold in 2 turns.

Cookie the Cook is another top performing hero right now — and he’s fun to play too. Make sure to use your hero power every turn — remember that you can use it on minions that are on Bob’s Tavern as well! The key thing to keep in mind is which minion types you’re using it on: Once you gather three, you’ll discover from those types, so use that to your advantage to try to find pairs, and eventually triples of the minions you already have.

Trade Prince Gallywix requires a little more effort than the previous two heroes, but is still very powerful. Your minions essentially sell for double — though you get half immediately and the other half on the next turn. So you need to keep that constantly in mind, and plan your purchases and sales accordingly. There are many little tricks you’ll need to employ to really bolster your economy when playing as Gallywix: There are certain minions that you’ll always want to buy, even if you don’t actually need them, such as Sellemental and Freedealing Gambler, among others. But, of course, you’ll only win if you actually reinvest all of that extra gold into leveling your tavern tier aggressively and rerolling a lot to find your key missing pieces.

Pick these heroes because they’re solid but quirky: Master Nguyen, Millhouse Manastorm, Infinite Toki

These are the heroes that feel very solid: It’s hard to end up with a weak board when you’re using them. Maybe you won’t necessarily finish first, but their power makes them great candidates to finish in the top 4, at least.

Master Nguyen is a hero that’s hard to go wrong with. You’ll most likely have a use for at least one of the Hero Powers you’re offered every turn, making him one of the most versatile heroes in the game. Some of those hero powers will stay with you for good — if you get the option to give Divine Shield to one of your minions, or to make them Golden, that’s a huge swing in power in your favor.

Millhouse Manastorm completely changes the way you think about the game, but the results most players get from him cannot be understated. He’s not super easy to pilot, but you’ll get the hang of things soon. The main point you’ll need to keep in mind is to buy as many minions as you can, and try not to reroll at all if possible, until much later in the game. You might be getting some suboptimal minions, sure, but at least you’ll be filling your board faster than the other players. Remember that you can hold on to those extra minions and sell them when you see the ones you actually want to buy — and at a discount too.

Infinite Toki gives you access to powerful minion options before you should be able to reach them. You’ll likely find something to build your board around, as soon as you hit Tavern Tier 3 or 4. Make sure to get there fast — but don’t rush too much, since your hero power doesn’t give you a combat advantage, and you might take too much damage if you’re not careful. Your goal is to reach the middle of the game, stabilize by using your hero power to find those stronger minions, and then spring from there.

Pick these heroes because they’re fun (and good enough): Sire Denathrius, Professor Putricide, Reno Jackson

Sire Denathrius lets you keep playing with Quests. That game mechanic was very popular, and many players were sad to see it go. Just remember that your Quest is your hero power, so you’ll want to make sure to pick one that you can actually complete without too much hassle. Don’t be too greedy!

Professor Putricide allows you to build three customized minions throughout the match. It’s optimal to save at least two charges of your hero power for when you reach Tavern Tier 6, and to only use the first one when you’re at least on Tavern Tier 3. Prioritize creatures that can give you gold on their Deathrattle, and the ones that copy strong effects from Tier 6 Undead. And make sure to give them Reborn if possible! (We also have a more in-depth guide for playing as Putricide.)

Reno Jackson gives you a guaranteed golden minion at some point during the game. He’s hugely popular among players for that reason: It’s super fun to try to get a minion like Brann Bronzebeard or Titus Rivendare early, make them golden, and build your entire strategy around them. Just don’t take too long searching! If you can’t find the minion that you covet, make sure to pick anything else that will have an impact, and build around it before it’s too late. Be flexible!

Whether you’re the type of player who likes to win at all costs, or the one who just wants to have fun, hopefully you can find something that suits your playstyle here.

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