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Diablo 2 > Discussion > Video GamesJul 5, 2023 8:00 am CT

Which features do you like to see on game remakes? Which games would you like to see remade?

Game remakes are a trend as of late, but just how much of a game gets changed in its new version seems to vary a lot from title to title. Some games simply get remastered versions, with higher-resolution graphics, perhaps an arranged soundtrack, a few quality of life improvements, but little to no changes to core gameplay systems, or story — examples include Metroid Prime Remastered, Front Mission 1st: Remake, and Diablo 2 Resurrected. Other games get completely redone, using a new engine, brand-new graphics, revamped gameplay, a rewritten script, and additions to the story: such is the case with Trials of Mana, Metroid: Zero Mission, and the upcoming Persona 3 Reload.

And then you have cases like Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which extrapolate that to an even greater extent — to the point where calling it a sequel to Final Fantasy 7 might legitimately be more appropriate than calling it a “remake.” The original game has been expanded in a way that’s rarely been done before — if ever, by adding fleshed-out personalities to once minor characters, enormous explorable environments to places that used to be just one or two screens, pages of script to replace what used to be one-liners, and just an overall incredible amount of new content. It changed things so much, in fact, that it actually managed to alienate a small portion of the playerbase: hardcore fans who only wanted to see the original game touched up, rather than play through a brand-new adventure.

Do you like remakes? Do you have any favorite games that you’d love to see being redone? Personally, I’ve always wanted to see Final Fantasy 6 properly remade — not just remastered — and in the gorgeous HD-2D style, preferably. After seeing this beautiful fan-made mock-up of that game’s introduction scene, that desire has never been stronger.

And if you do like remakes and have something you’d like to see remade, to which extent do you think it should be tinkered with? Are just graphical and soundtrack updates — and perhaps some quality of life improvements — good for you? Do you like it when remakes expand upon gameplay possibilities, and even the story? Or are you more conservative when it comes to that? Share your thoughts with us.

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