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WoWSep 8, 2023 10:00 am CT

Dragonflight patch 10.2 will give Great Vault rewards for Timewalking, Heroic, and Mythic+0 dungeons

Dragonflight patch 10.2: Guardians of the Dream is now live on the PTR, and one of the most interesting quality of life improvements is an expansion of the Great Vault. This bad luck protection system currently only considers activity from raiding (all difficulties), Mythic+ dungeons, and rated PVP, but starting in patch 10.2 it will also count Heroic dungeons, Timewalking dungeons, and Mythic+0 dungeons towards progress on the dungeon track. That unlocks a lot more options for players who aren’t pushing Mythic+ keys to get loot in the Great Vault.

In an interview with Mr GM, Assistant Game Director Morgan Day and Senior Game Designer Patrick Scarborough said that the main reason for the change was to better synergize with the weekly quests that were already asking players to run Timewalking dungeons or Mythic+0. Now completing these quests will also unlock Great Vault rewards, opening the Great Vault to more casual players.

We don’t yet know exactly what item level loot will be unlocked by doing Heroic, Timewalking, or M+0 dungeons, but just like now, the item level of Great Vault rewards in 10.2 will be determined by the highest difficulty content completed. That also means that Mythic+ players don’t need to worry about Heroic or Timewalking dungeon runs impacting their Great Vault options — if they run Mythic+, they’ll get Mythic+ level rewards. In addition, the gear available in the Great Vault will be based on the current Season’s pool of dungeon items, not the items in the specific dungeons players run — so players won’t need to worry about targeting a specific dungeon runs in order to target specific pieces of gear in the Vault. And because the rewards are based on the Season, every piece of gear from the Vault will be something you can upgrade — you can’t currently upgrade Timewalking pieces, so this will give Timewalking fans an extra gearing option.

One final change coming to the Great Vault in patch 10.2 is the requirements for unlocking the first two slots on the raid tier have been reduced from 3 and 5 to 2 and 4, which will make it easier to open up those choices weekly for those not doing a full clear.

While the Great Vault mechanic is not without its critics, letting more people have access to it is a good thing. This change doesn’t take anything from players doing high level raiding, PVP, or Mythic+, but unlocks extra gear options for more casual players who run a few dungeons a week.

Originally published September 8, 2023. Updated September 11 

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