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Discussion > WoWSep 25, 2023 8:00 am CT

How do you feel about the Brewfest Armor drop rate?

As part of the holiday refresh in Dragonflight patch 10.1.7, there are new Dragonriding armors available to earn. While the Pirate’s Day Armor simply required spending 50k gold, the new Brewfest Armor for your Renewed Proto-Drake is imprisoned behind the RNG of killing Coren Direbrew and getting it in the Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest. While nothing has been confirmed yet, by all appearances it utilizes the same new drop mechanic as the X-45 Heartbreaker — a low-to-medium chance for it to drop in your first attempt, and a very low chance in all subsequent attempts (on other characters’ first kills) until reset.

While the Heartbreaker loot mechanic makes sense for a frustratingly ultra-rare mount, I’m not certain why the choice was made to use the same style for the Brewfest Armor. It’s possible that it’s not just the Armor that is using this method; perhaps the Brewfest Ram and Kodo are also dropping with a similar mechanic — unfortunately it’s hard to know because many players have previously collected them — but that doesn’t explain why a Dragonriding customization would be restricted in this manner. While the armor is decidedly cool, it’s a relatively minor customization that is only usable on one Dragonriding mount to begin with.

Of course, this is speculation; without official word from the dev team we can only rely on anecdotal evidence to come to this conclusion on the Brewfest Armor’s drop rate. All of this could be avoided by simply putting it on a vendor — 600 Brewfest Tokens isn’t impossible to gather over the course of the holiday and would ensure everyone gets a chance to carry a keg around with them as they fly around the Dragon Isles. Instead it feels like we’re just rolling our barrels daily hoping to get it to drop, and starting to panic that any Hallow’s End Armor would also be subjected to the same random chance.

What do you think? Have you gotten it yet? Do you think the Brewfest Armor should have a drop mechanic like the Heartbreaker, or should it have a more standard one? Do you think the development team should confirm drop rates for items of limited availability? And how many Brewfest Tokens should it go for from the vendor?

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