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WoWOct 25, 2023 10:00 am CT

The Revival Catalyst can upgrade your Dragonflight Season 3 armor to tier gear

The Dragonflight incarnation of the Revival Catalyst is one of the more popular features recently added to World of Warcraft, allowing players to convert armor into tier gear for both set bonus and transmog reasonsPatch 10.2 keeps the Catalyst going with the updates from patch 10.1 that removed the clunky charge acquisition mechanic while also changing the start and frequency of the currency acquisition. Instead of waiting six weeks and then getting a new charge weekly, there will be a charge the same week that Season 3 begins, with a new one being added every other week. For players without tier gear they’ll be able to catalyze their two-piece in week three and their four-piece in week seven. This is faster than the current wait until week seven and nine respectively, and should also help those with partial tier sets complete them faster.

The new currency — known as a Renascent Dream — still caps out at eight. A major question for those of us who mostly use the Catalyst for transmog is whether the two week acquisition interval will continue for the full length of the season, or if it reverts to weekly after week seven.

How to get to the Revival Catalyst

The Revival Catalyst is located in the Tyrhold section of Thaldraszus, on the top floor of the northernmost structure. While close to Valdrakken the altitude of the building alongside the lack of a nearby flight point may make it a little onerous to get to on your Dragonriding mount, but if you start at the top of the temple it’s an easy glide down. There you will encounter Antuka and be able to use your first Renascent Dream.

The gear that is transformed via the Revival Catalyst will retain the armor’s original ilevel and will unlock appearances from the raid difficulty that matches the ilevel of the gear, so besides the ability to convert gear for a tier bonus you’ll also be able to complete the class set. Armor that has been converted retains the ability to be upgraded under the new system introduced in 10.1, allowing further transmog unlocks.

The following gear is expected to be usable in the Revival Catalyst:

  • Non-tier gear that drops in the Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid. Pieces that occupy slots that don’t provide tier bonuses can still be transformed in appearance to match the class armor set for transmog purposes, or if the class armor secondary stats are better itemized for your character.
  • Armor from Mythic+ dungeons.
  • PVP gear purchased with Conquest points.
  • Armor received through War Mode PVP quests or purchased with Bloody Tokens that has been upgraded with Trophies of Strife (earned via the weekly Sparks of Life War Mode quest).
  • Veteran gear rewarded from weekly quests and the new Superbloom event.

The following gear can not be used in the Revival Catalyst:

  • Crafted gear is not eligible to be converted, even if it’s of epic quality.
  • Gear unlocked through the Renown tracks and acquired from the faction vendors.
  • Dungeon and quest rewards.

The Revival Catalyst remains a beneficial feature and many players will welcome its return this week. Now that it’s an “evergreen” feature, the Catalyst will exist alongside tier gear going forward which is great news for those of us who struggle to get our class sets completed.

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