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BlizzCon > WoWNov 3, 2023 5:48 pm CT

Delves are a new seasonal outdoor content feature in WoW: The War Within

The War Within is the next expansion for the World of Warcraft and one of the new features it’s introducing is called Delves. Similar to Scenarios and Island Expeditions, Delves are designed to expand endgame options for players focused on Open World activities. There will be Seasonal content and rewards for “outdoor” players such as mounts and pets, and will also count towards the new outdoor content track of the Great Vault.

Delves will be role-agnostic similar to its predecessors, but will no longer be restricted to three players. Instead they will be for one to five players, with the challenges and rewards scaling to match the number of players. At the end of the Delve will be a Treasure Trove that will be unlocked by the solving of puzzles and/or defeat of opposition forces — no stealthily sneaking straight to the treasure at the end. The expected length of time to complete is 10-15 minutes, and the Delves will have several difficulty tiers.

Our old friends from the Dragon Isles the Dragonscale Expedition will be leading the exploration of the 13 Delves on Khaz Algar coming at launch, and each Season an NPC companion will be joining the players to assist. For Season 1 you’ll be escorted by Brann Bronzebeard, who will hopefully not pull half of the Delve accidentally along the way. The NPC companion will also be customizable with the ability for them to focus on healing or damage or a mix based on your needs.

The known Delves are:

  • Isle of Dorn
    • Earthcrawl Mines
    • Kriegval’s Rest
    • Kriegval’s Rest
  • The Ringing Deeps
    • The Waterworks
    • The Dread Pit
    • Deepwalker Hold
  • Hallowfall
    • Skittering Breach
    • Nightfall Sanctum
    • The Sinkhole
    • Mycomancer Cavern
  • Azj-Kahet
    • The Spiral Weave
    • Rak-Rethan Abyss

There is also a thirteenth Delve that may require a secret to unlock, or it could be capstone after completing all previous 12.

The addition of Delves to World of Warcraft should provide another fun activity for players who want to earn rewards for their players without stepping into instanced content (or who want to gear up some alts). As an “evergreen” feature it shows a commitment to expanding open world content for players that will also provide meaningful progression (and of course, some nice rewards that will likely not be obtainable elsewhere). We’re hoping for a lot of new appearances to really take advantage of the new Warbands feature. There’s still a lot we don’t know about Delves so keep an eye on Blizzard Watch for updates.


Originally published November 3, 2023. Updated November 4, 2023.

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