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The QueueNov 27, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: How is this not an axe!?!

I’m not going to re-litigate the whole why can’t I use an axe as a Druid, and therefore not use the shiny new legendary axe from Amirdrassil — we all already know how all of the Druids feel about that (bad). But when I got the ‘polearm‘ from Fyrakk in raid last night and looked at it for the first time I’m left thinking that’s about the most axe-like polearm I’ve ever seen! It looks just like a non-legendary version of Fyr’alath!

While I go talk to the weaponsmiths at Blizzard, it’s time — The Queue!


Q4 anything that wants to answer it: the Worldsoul Saga is being compared to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Infinity Saga” as a large story told across multiple expansions, drawing threads from across the length and breadth of the Warcraft franchise to bring them all together in a climactic conclusion. Does this feel like it’s setting up the end of the present Warcraft narrative and clearing the decks for something new?

Corollary: Final Fantasy XIV’s 2022 expansion “Endwalker” was billed as the conclusion of the major narrative that started with the reboot of the game in 2013, which similarly raised questions about what new narrative could follow after it. And those questions remain while the FF14 community waits for next year’s release of the next expansion “Dawntrail” which has the feel of a jumping-on point that doesn’t rely on the earlier overarching story. Could something similar take place when the Worldsoul Saga concludes?

It most definitely feels like a grand conclusion to everything that we’ve seen so far. I’m not saying that we wouldn’t see some threads continue forward and that we wouldn’t see things in The Last Titan that would set up anything for the expansion afterward — but I’d put good money on there being a definite feeling of finality in it.

Where we’d go from there is the big question. I doubt we’d see a World of Warcraft 2 after seeing what happened with the jump from Destiny to Destiny 2. Players hated losing all of their shiniest loot, and that was for a game that had been active for a fraction of the time that World of Warcraft will have been at the end of Last Titan. Think of how many more transmogs, Druid forms, pets, and mounts we’ll have earned by then! I couldn’t possibly leave them behind, I love each and every one of them equally!

But I feel like Warcraft has already been trying to future-proof its narrative with the announcement of all three expansions at once. When we get into The War Within and Midnight after it I wouldn’t be surprised to see War Within become the leveling expansion until we’ve finished The Last Titan. It will have the most set-up for the current story and would give players a good handle on what’s going on at the endgame. After that sure let’s just start people in a new leveling zone again.


QftQ: What is the best next role for Henry Cavill? The Witcher almost made me forget about Superman. Where do you think he would be best employed? Stereotypically, I bet he could rock a Doctor Who….

It’s been a couple of years, but clearly, his next role should be whatever he was teasing here!

It is a little weird that nothing seems to have ever come of this tease. Usually, studios in a position like this don’t let the actors tease an upcoming project like that unless it is almost a guarantee that it is going forward. Unless it was the same situation as Deadpool where the “leak” was needed to get fan buzz on their side and actually get the movie made…

Either way, Henry Cavill should definitely be taking a trip to the Citadel for his next role. Whenever he gets done with his unnamed Warhammer 40k project that is.


What do you feel is a heavily underappreciated skill your class has? Or any class for that matter?
I don’t main a hunter even though it’s my first class, but man is Fetch sooooo good. It’s so good I actually miss it when I’m on other classes.
Hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Thanksgiving

I think I’m going with Druid’s Soothe.

Sure it’s super helpful and everyone loves a de-enrage effect. But I think it’s underappreciated from a conceptual standpoint. Of course Druids would be the ones to be able to calm people down, they must have all kinds of practice doing that with all of the animals they help in their day-to-day! Or barring that, know some good calming herbs like chamomile tea.

I also really love the thought of my Bear doing it mid-combat, somehow in between all of the Thrashing and Mauling, I’m getting that raging barbarian to relax a little. Maybe I just let them pet my fuzzy belly! That’s a surefire way to lower your blood pressure!


Someone please tell me not to install Hearthstone and play Battlegrounds again. >_<

Don’t do it, it’s a trap! Next thing you know you’ll be having fun and spending time with all of your favorite Battlegrounds buddies and pals. That’s how they get you!

Of course, Battleground Duos are coming, and they do look awfully fun… It might also be good to have a handle on the kind of cards you’ll be playing with so that you don’t let your partner down…


Thanks, Cory, now I’m hungry. :(

That’s my secret Liz, I’m always hungry!

Today’s Bacardi looks a little annoyed at being interrupted while watching his stories — he just loves those wacky amateur bakers. I’m sure he’ll still help you out though, as long as when you get that shiny piece of loot in your vault you say “Nailed It!” in your best excited voice.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: I’m Gonna Live Till I Die

Have a wonderful week everyone, I can’t believe that next week is December! Don’t forget to ask Anna lots of questions for tomorrow!

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