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The QueueNov 30, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Yes, it’s a pun. No, I’m not sorry.

You’ll see what I mean when you get there.


QftQ: Should wearing the Tabard of Fury do something extra for Fury Warriors? :P

Yes, it gives them a special emote where they wave their hands in front of their faces. They believe this makes them invincible — no, not the horse, and also not the superhero.


If you came into possession of a blood-red ruby by accident (or rather, it came to YOU), and you suspect that it is cursed, what would you do in order to get rid of it – assuming that it hasn’t already hypnotized your feeble, pathetic mind?

This seems to have been a popular story subject back in the 1940’s lol

Whatever you do, don’t stab yourself in the forehead hoping to contain it.


Hrm, so on the fury warrior, when I log in, he’s got one axe, and then I go out the portal and he has two. And he comes back into Stormwind with two axes, but then when I log out and back in, suddenly he’s back to one axe. Happens with different axes, so likely a bug.

I don’t have an answer for this but it’s a Warrior thing and so I’m curious if anyone else does.


Listening to the current Lore Watch. Good stuff. But I am increasingly vexed by the definition of “ordering” being implied by WoW devs. I’m not a believer. I left my charismatic church at 16. But, when I hear “ordered Azeroth,” I don’t think of industrial production lines. I think of something more biblical.

We’re glad you like our podcast — insert our pledge drive here, although y’all have already helped quite a bit and we’re very grateful we do still need to get that number up — and I honestly find the whole ‘Ordering’ thing the Titan’s do to be similar to the idea of Paradise as a walled garden, that they find nature to be an affront to the senses.

While I love Moorcock as much as the next guy (and I’m bisexual so if you choose to take this as a reference to anything, that’s fine) I do however think that the idea that the Titans are using Order magic is an interesting one to pursue because it then leads us to the possible conclusion that Arcane magic is Order magic, or at least it is in the Titan’s hands.

The very idea of Order is ultimately to impose one’s will upon something — to organize it, to tend it, to shape it. In a way, it could even be seen as dominating that thing, and that brings us back to the Helm of Domination and Domination Magic, and the idea we saw in Shadowlands that there are different ways to the same ends.

I mean that in the sense that we saw that Necromancy — magic that raises the dead, makes undead, etc etc — can be powered by different powers. You can use the Light to create Calia Menethil as an undead being, for example. So, is it possible that the Titans are using Arcane means to essentially do the same thing that the Primus did when he created his Domination magic? Are the Titans just doing it on a macro scale and calling it Order magic?

It’s interesting that the Primal Incarnates are so hostile to Mages, especially since most Mages aren’t working for or even conceptually close to the Titans. But if the very source of the Titan’s version of Domination is Arcane power, which is the same power that leaked out of the Well of Eternity — the same power that Azshara coveted and which the Old Gods sought to use to free themselves from their prisons — we can just look back to Shadowlands and remember that you can do the same kind of magic with Arcane power as you could with Death, and use it to Order reality itself to obey you.

What all Mages do, therefore, is Order magic.

Okay, that’s me. Love you guys, thanks for all your help, please make sure to spread the word about our content because that helps us too — the algorithm must be fed if we are to grow. Be excellent to each other and ask Liz questions.

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