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Discussion > WoWJan 8, 2024 8:00 am CT

What won’t you do in video games?

There are certain moments in games that hit me and I can’t abide some of the choices. In World of Warcraft, I left my Tauren parked in Ashenvale because a quest giver wanted me to poison a bunch of Night Elves in order to facilitate our invasion of their lands. I could not do it. My Tauren was one I played with a gentle, almost paternal view of other people, and the idea of him suddenly poisoning people and burning down children’s homes in the chaos of the Battle for Azeroth intro storyline just wasn’t something I could engage in. It didn’t fit the way I saw him, his relationship to the Horde, or even how the Horde itself had felt back when I played the game back in 2005.

Similarly, the quests in Wrath of the Lich King that ask me to torture people to find out what the Blue Dragons are up to? Couldn’t do them either. I almost never get to do the quests in and around the Nexus because I hit the quests asking me to torture people and I simply cannot do it. I know it’s a game. I know it’s pixels. But torture like that crosses a line I’m simply not prepared to cross. I can’t enjoy a game if I play someone who does that.

Of course, not everything I won’t do is a big deal. I won’t fish because I find fishing boring IRL and I’ve never participated in a game with a fishing component that wasn’t just as boring. I generally don’t play ranged spellcaster types (at least not DPS ones, I’ll play healers or specs like Enhancement Shaman or Windwalker Monks that use magic or spiritual power in melee) because I just don’t enjoy playing them.

And so I turn to you — what won’t you do in games? Are you unwilling to take part in a story because it’s just something you can’t or don’t feel you can engage in? Are you just not interested in farming minigames or decorating a home base or making pets fight each other? What are your lines that you won’t cross in gaming?

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